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New Beginnings

Greetings Fellow Parents!

When our children were younger, a new year meant new school clothes, maybe a new backpack, and definitely a new box of crayons.  Now it means dorm refrigerators, futons, and lots of laundry soap.  Although the items being purchased may be different (and more expensive) the event is pretty much the same . . . a new beginning.  

The new school year brings a fresh start for both you and your student.  For your students it's a time to re-commit to their priorities and think about their goals and dreams.  This fresh start brings new purpose to their work and and their lives.  For you, it may bring opportunities for your relationship with your child to grow and mature.  This fresh start might help you commit to broadening yourself as a parent.  It's never too late to become the parent you always wanted to be.  For me, I'm trying to be less critical and even more supportive with our son, Levi, who is a sophomore here at AU. I want to make sure that he not only knows that I love him, but that he's always aware that I believe in him. 

The new school year might also be a time to examine one's habits and commit to changing bad ones and adopting good ones.  If you think the tips in "Avoiding Procrastination" in the Parent Resources section might be helpful for your student, pass it on to him or her with a note of encouragement.  Let your children know you believe in them . . . and their dreams.

Be sure to read about the extraordinary Anderson University Honors Program, and how the students choosing to participate in this program dream big and set their goals very high.   These newsletters will hopefully keep you informed about life on our campus, opportunities for your student, and programs you might not know exist here at AU.  Please let me know if you have any ideas for this newsletter or anything special you'd like me to cover in a future issue.

It's a new beginning at AU . . . and a new beginning for our children. Remember that no matter if they're a freshman or a senior, close to home or across the country, they all love care packages.  Maybe this is a good time to send them a new box of crayons.  


Blessings to all parents who love their children.

Associate Director
of Alumni & Parent Programming 

The Honors Program


AU Honors Program Six years ago Anderson University launched the Honors Program with the intention of fostering within its honors scholars a passionate dedication to intellectual inquiry and spiritual development. The relatively young, yet impressive program here at AU, has been growing ever since.

Founded in 2006, the Anderson University Honors Program provides students a chance to excel in their academics and serve as leaders here on campus, as well as prepare them to be leaders in their professions and communities after graduation. Each year, interested high school seniors can apply and interview for the Honors Program. The accepted incoming freshmen move into the dorms early and immediately begin activities together as one "cohort." Each academic class year is its own cohort, with specialized courses throughout the program. 


 Parent Resources

Avoiding procrastination   
Parents, the following article entitled "Avoiding Procrastination" might be helpful for your student (maybe even for parents, too).  Hopefully, all of our students will have a great start to the semester, but passing the article on to them with a note of encouragement couldn't hurt.  Let your children know that you're thinking about them and believe in them . . . and their dreams.
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Residence Life

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