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Dr. Shankar B. Baliga receives 'Excellence in Individual Technical Innovation' Award from ISA

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Throughout it's 66 year history, the
International Society of Automation (ISA) 
has bestowed honors upon those who have made special contributions through the Society's awards program. 

Excellence in Individual Technical Innovation
- This award recognizes individuals who have played a critical role in the conception, design and/or implementation of an innovative product, process and/or service.  

Dr. Shankar B. Baliga received this award for his contribution to the development of an intelligent optical flame detection technique which reduces false alarms, using Artificial Neural Network processing.  

Dr. Baliga did his undergraduate studies at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and obtained PhD from the Ohio State University. 
"The award recognizes my contribution to flame detection," Shankar B. Baliga of General Monitors, said, "using algorithms based on artificial neural networks. These algorithms have been implemented in industry leading infrared flame detectors since 2006." Read More.   

Tejinder Singh
From IIT KGP To Global Journalist, Tejinder Singh Launches India America Today 


Tejinder Singh, IIT Kharagur (Joined in 1977), just launched India America Today.  IIT KGP Alankar Magazine profiled him as Tejinder F. Singh of TFS Fame (Technology Film Society) Secretary, who discovered, opened and started using the underground Green rooms in the Netaji Auditorium. No student ever went back from the gates of the TFS for lack of a ticket ~ The Surd was always there to let you in. In 2008, he was invited to speak at IIT Kanpur at the Droppers' Enclave of the Mega Bucks Festival and was interviewed on NDTV about the prospects of IIT droppers. From there, today he makes us proud by launching his dream publication India America Today. PanIIT USA editorial team decided to turn the table on the global journalist and ask him questions. Read More.

Bedabrata Pain
A Gandhi for Our Age: Indian Film on Independence  


Using visual cues from the paintings of Caravaggio, Indian filmmaker Bedabrata Pain has produced a triumphant film, Chittagong, that screened in New York in May 2012. It is based upon a little-known episode leading to Indian Independence: a group of schoolboys who, with the help of their teacher, temporarily toppled the British a decade before the Union Jack was removed permanently. Although independence was gained in 1947 through Mahatma Gandhi's non-violence (Satyagraha), growing up hearing stories of the American Revolution I could certainly understand the desire to raise arms against colonial rule. The film tells this story brilliantly. Riveting and spectacular, Chittagong is the Gandhi for our age. 


Chittagong is only the first film of producer, director and main writer Bedabrata Pain. The film opened the 12th annual New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF) sponsored by the Indo-American Arts Council (IAAC). Read More

IIT Delhi Computer Science Graduate received the prestigious Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers
Pawan Sinha, currently serving as an associate professor of computational and visual neuroscience in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is among the 96 researchers who have received the prestigious Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers. It is the highest honour given by the US Government to science and engineering professionals who are in the initial stages of their independent research careers. 

"Discoveries in science and technology not only strengthen our economy, they inspire us as a people, "said US President Barack Obama. "The impressive accomplishments of today's awardees so early in their careers promise even greater advances in the years ahead," he added.  

Pawan received his undergraduate degree in computer science from the IIT-Delhi and his Masters and doctoral degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  


Sinha, whose nomination came from the Department of Health and Human Services, was honored for studies on the age-related development of object perception. Read More.
Vikram rao
Shale Gas: The Promise and the Peril by Vikram Rao  
A new book, Shale Gas: The Promise and the Peril, offers a balanced look at the intense debate surrounding shale gas production and the process of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. 

The book was written by Vikram Rao, Ph.D., executive director of the Research Triangle Energy Consortium, who has more than 30 years of experience in energy research and development. 

Written for a non-technical audience, the book is intended to inform both sides of the fracking debate by highlighting potentially positive and negative outcomes associated with shale gas production, which has the potential to transform the worldwide energy-based economy. Read More
IIT Campuses


Ashoke Sen

 Ashoke Sen Wins $3M Fundamental Physics Prize  
Ashoke Sen, 56, a physicist and string theorist at the Harish Chandra Research Institute in Allahabad, India, has been named one of nine recipients of the inaugural Fundamental Physics Prize.


The award, which grants $3 million to each honoree, was launched by Yuri Milner, a Russian physics student who dropped out of graduate school in 1989 and then made a fortune by investing in Internet companies Groupon and Facebook.

The Milner Foundation in a statement said Sen's research had opened up "the path to the realization that the multiple string theories are different limits of the same underlying theory."  Read More


IT Bombay creates the first cashless campus in India     

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IIT Bombay authority has launched a universal debit card for students and faculty of IIT Bombay. Now no one need to carry cash in campus to pay across most of the merchants on the campus.The new initiative called Cashless campus launched last week, has made headlines within the first week of its launch, with almost every student subscribing to it. All that you need to do is fill up a form and submit a photocopy of identity card and your universal debit card is ready, which has no registration or even processing fee of any sort.

The initiative 'Cashless Campus' is India's first Contactless Semi-Closed Prepaid Payment System. "The Power To Pay" tags have been developed exclusively for the student body and faculty of IIT Bombay and can be used at majority of the outlets in campus to make day-to-day purchases in book shops, stationery stores, groceries, restaurants and canteens. Read More
IIT Chapters

IIT Bombay Roadshow 2012
An IIT Bombay delegation including Director Devang Khakhar and Dean ACR Ravi Sinha, along with many other senior faculty members, will be visiting Alumni Chapters across North America in October. The delegation will travel to Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston and New York.
  • Sun, Oct 7: Boston Chapter Meeting with Dean (Faculty Affairs) AK Suresh
  • Sun, Oct 14: Chicago Chapter Event
  • Tue, Oct 16: Seattle Chapter Event
  • Wed, Oct 17: Toronto Chapter and Los Angeles Chapter Events
  • Fri, Oct 19: San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Event
  • Sun, Oct 21: Faculty Alumni Network (FAN) Event - Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, CA
  • Tue, Oct 23/24: Dallas/Houston Chapter Events
  • Wed, Oct 24: Washington DC Chapter Event
  • Sat, Oct 27: Greater NY and Northeast Chapter Conclave    

Click here for more details.  


Wheels logoBusiness Plan Competition

         PanIIT Global Conference

December 7-9, Science city Auditorium, Kolkata, India

Welcome to the PanIIT Alumni Global Conference 2012 in Kolkata
, for three days of knowledge sharing, networking, entertainment, meeting old buddies and taking back nostalgic memories. Combine that with an excellent opportunity for business  connections  and a showcase for technologies, and products at the Exposition at the same location.

WHEELS is happy to announce a Business Plan Competition
, open to IIT Alumni , children and family of Alumni and IIT students. A cash prize of Rs 50,000 will be awarded in each of six tracks of WHEELS ( Water, Health, Education, Lifestyles and Security ) with one of these prizes upgraded to a Grand Prize of Rs1,00,000, if grand prize criteria is met. Entries will be judged by a panel of expert judges and winners will get the added benefit of being introduced to a mentor and venture capital sources.

To obtain the criteria for entries and a format for submission, please write to: Rohit Koshy @ rohitk@clearlyso.in  OR Gulab Bhavnani @ gbhavnani@aol.com

At the conference in December, Dr. Hiten Ghosh and Mr. Suresh Shenoy will host a plenary session  on WHEELS, with a panel of experts who will focus on Nation Building through social entrepreneurship. By attending the conference, you can find out how you can participate and help  build a better India.
PanIIT Global Conference Kolkata

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Make Plans To Attend The Global Conference in Kolkata

By Hiten Ghosh
August 21, 2012 

This is Hiten Ghosh, most of you know me as your dear Hitenda. Suresh Shenoy and myself were honored to be the program  chair for the conference in 2005.  This time it is Kolkata, marking the Diamond Jubilee of the IIT System.  It is an event that promises to be the best PanIIT Global conference yet.  Already there is buzz in the press and organizers have left no stone unturned to make this an event to remember.

Here is the details of the PanIIT Global Conference 2012 in Kolkata. 

Dates:                  December 7, 2012 - December 9, 2012 (all-day) 
Location:             Science City Auditorium in Kolkata. 
Information:         info@paniit2012.org 
Contact:               Chairman : chairman@paniit2012.org 
Participation:       participation@PanIIT2012.org 

Here are 10 reasons why, I feel you should make plans to join me at the MEGA EVENT this December. 
  1. With IITs increasing from 7 to 16 campuses, this is the beginning of a new era.  
  2. The event coincides with the Diamond Jubilee of the IIT with a nostalgic visit to where it all started in 1951.
  3. Excel - Transform - Sustain, the conference motto marks the resurgence of Industrial Eastern India with the presence of several Chief Ministers along with Industries from the region. Let us celebrate the promises of the crown jewel of Eastern India -that is Kolkata.    
  4. IITians are giving back to the nation with Nation Building Initiatives that are showcased in the conference and exciting new plans of A Social Entrepreneurship Platform, called WHEELS,  as discussed by several National and International iconic speakers at the Conference
  5. The biggest Technological Exhibition to date associated with Pan IIT Conferences
  6. The Delhi conference of 2010 was the largest, Kolkata conference  of 2012 plans to be the most interesting and rich in strategic as well as subjects of current interests.
  7. With the recent JEE controversy, and IITs taking a bold stance, all IITs need your show of support, now more than ever
  8. For the first time, you will hear from the winners of Social Entrepreneurial Business competition among  Alumni around the world.
  9. Did I say that there is an India v/s Rest of the world golf match?  
  10. Most of your friends will be there. Should you be the only IITian not present at the Conference to show your tempo?  
See you in Kolkata.  
IIT Events

National Conference on Electronics Design, Assembly and Reliability 

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IPC India is organizing a national conference and exhibition at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore during December 4-6, 2012 for the benefit of Indian electronics industry. The event is conducted in technical co-operation of the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (DESE), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

The event will comprise of contributory papers, invited talks, workshops and exhibits from manufacturers, assembly services, designers and the like.

Present your work at the IPC National Conference on Electronics Design, Assembly & Reliability and make an impact as an industry expert at this inaugural event.

To Submit Your Proposal for a conference agenda presentation, or to learn about conference participation, please email ncedar@ipc.org.

To register for workshops and/or the technical conference, please fill out the registration form and e-mail it to ncedar@ipc.org.

Click here for more details. 




Career Advancement & Recruitment Program  


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Date: September 1, 2012
Location: Chicago  

Here is your career advancement/employment opportunity in the IT as well as non-IT areas

Direct Interaction
Facilitate direct interaction between the US companies and the alumni interested in career advancement/ employment opportunities   


Click here for more details.   

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