A Note From Lisa
October 17, 2013

What a fabulous time of year this is to be an Avon Representative!  Did you know that in a typical Avon year, 40% of all sales occur in fourth quarter -- which is right now until the end of December?  It's a great time of year to be starting with Avon and a great time of year to really pour the steam on in your business.  If you are like me, September always feels like a fresh start -- kids are going back to school, summer is over and the leaves have turned color in preparation for cold weather.  Every September and October me and my Mom (Senior Executive Unit Leader Virginia Whitten) get out our calendars and plan our activities as we build up to Christmas.  This year we have chosen to do a favorite fundraiser of ours: this year we are calling it "Monkey Around for a Buck".  You'll find the poster we are using and the monkey blanks below in case you'd like to also use this fundraiser in your community.  Avon is what we have done full time for many years, so when we do a fundraiser, it has to be set up so we also earn commission on the sales.  With this fundraiser, we are able to do that.  The stuffed monkeys retail from Avon for $19.99.  We sell paper monkeys for $1.00 each and when we have sold 20, we donate 1 stuffed monkey to the police or fire department to give to children in crisis that they encounter when they are making calls.  Another event that we do every year is our annual "Ladies Night", which this year is scheduled for December 12 from 5 - 7 p.m.  We offer everyone a free gift just for showing up (usually a small hand cream or lip balm) and sell products that we had in stock from either returns or that we bought on special deals.  We usually serve popcorn and punch and have Christmas music playing.  We try to offer once a year special prices and make it fun.  Everyone that comes leaves with a current brochure and sample of an upcoming fragrance or skin care item, too.  Future sales!  What events do you have planned this year?  I hope you'll take some pictures and post your ideas on our Facebook group page so everyone can benefit from your information: www.facebook.com/groups/LisaWilbersTeam

Dare to Live Your Dreams, 
Sales Tip

"Persistence is probably the single most common quality of high achievers.  They simply refuse to give up.  The longer you hang in there, the greater the chance that something will happen in your favor.  No matter how hard it seems, the longer you persist the more likely your success." -- Jack Canfield


Each day when I get up, I think "how can I get my company and myself known by more people today?" because I know that the more people that know me, and know what I do -- the bigger my business will become.  It is for that reason that I am continually looking for ways to get brochures in people's hands, get my posters on more bulletin boards and get my business cards to more people.  Here are a couple easy ways to get your materials in someone's hands:


* Simply say "I brought this for you!"  and hand them a brochure.  That's it!  Don't ask "do you want a brochure?" or "have you seen a brochure?"  Just hand it to them and say "I brought this for you!"  You'll be amazed how people will be happy to take the brochures from you and will usually say things like "I've been looking for someone that sells Avon!" or "It's been forever since I've seen a brochure, thank you!"


* Always hand out your business cards in 3's and say "One for you and two for two of your friends!" 


When a new Representative asks me my best selling tip, I say to them "buy the 100 brochures for around $20, give out every single one of them and ask for the order."  That's as simple as it is!  Samples, demos and everything else is nice -- but it's extra.  Get your basics down first.  Buy 100 brochures, give them all out and ask each person for the order.  It can be as simple as "What can I get you from there?"  Asking is key.  How many brochures are you ordering, giving out and following up on?

Top Performers - Personal Sales Volume

  1. Becki Chamberlin  $5180  (RC) (AUL) 
  2. Susan Schoonmaker  $3264  (CO) (UL)
  3. Susan & John Dixon $2391  (MC) (EUL) 
  4. Denise Campbell  $2279  (PC) (EUL)
  5. Linda Cobb  $1780  (RC) (UL)
  6. Gladys Jesfen  $1780
  7. Janet Hewitt  $1692  (HS) (AUL)
  8. Brenda Rivera  $1400  (RC)
  9. Judy Allison  $1327  (PC)
  10. Deb Scharmann  $1317  (MC)
  11. Rocio Alegria  $1303  (HS) (UL)
  12. Ethel Dalton  $1252  (RC) (UL)
  13. Debby Vigneau  $1249  (HS)
  14. Allen & Gracie Lockamy  $1190  (HS) (AUL)
  15. Tammy Carpenter  $1168  (RC) (AUL)
  16. Norman & Gay Kato  $1136  (MC) (EUL)
  17. Rebecca Mallon  $1125  (HS) (UL) 
  18. Paulette Medlin  $1118  (RC)
  19. Cynthia Pilkington  $1083  (RC) (UL)
  20. Carmen Collao  $1074  (HS) (UL)
  21. Geeta Tewari  $1041  (HS)
  22. Sandy Kinsey  $1004  (PC) (AUL)
  23. Kimberly Banks  $996  
  24. Julie McElhinney  $984
  25. Camille Enriquez  $982  (PC) 
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Top Performers - Top Recruiters

1st & 2nd Generations Only:


1.  Carmen Collao  (8)

2.  Brenda Rouleau  (7)

     Virginia Whitten  (7)

3.  Barbara Hansen  (6)

     Tammy Norton  (6)

4.  Lisa Wilber (5)

     Carol Engle  (5)

     Darlene Holloway  (5)

5.  Carol Rogers  (4)

     Kristy Carignan  (4)

     Betty Newhouse (4)

     Cris Phelps-Brown  (4)

6.  Kathleen Stone (3)

     Antoinette Connors  (3)

     Tammy Carpenter  (3)

     Brandon Butts  (3)

     Kristen Danberg (3)

     Kristine Locke  (3)

     Rebecca Mallon  (3)

7.  Rocio Alegria  (2)

     Malcolm & Mary Shelton  (2)

     Erika Woolbright  (2)

     Nicole Boisvert  (2)

     Katie Alley-Madore  (2)

     Raquel Baez  (2)

8.  Denise Campbell  (1)

     Norman & Gay Kato  (1)

     Bonita Matherly  (1)

     Jeff & Nancy Breen  (1)

     Melissa Mack  (1)

     Patti Lewis  (1)

     Yolande Brugess  (1)

     Emily Stone  (1)

     Lela Harris  (1)


Fab 1st Order

1.  Sandee McGee  $635
2.  Lerie Carraway  $525
3.  Brittany Maynard  $400
4.  Heather Langlais  $377
5.  Abbie Collazo  $369

Websites of Interest

www.winnerinyou.com  <------ my web site with lots of resources for you.  Look in DOCUMENT LIBRARY for past issues of my downline and customer newsletters.  Look in PHOTO PAGES under BUSINESS for examples of marketing ideas that I have actually used to build my business.  Sign up for my ezine on the home page in the blue box.  Click the link to my BLOG and also see upcoming seminars that are on my schedule.


www.campaign-mailer.com  <--------- brochure mailing service where you get bulk discount rates for mailing brochures to your customers


www.eyejot.com  <--------------- service that lets you send video e-mails.  Great to use with downline team members if you are in Leadership and also to customers to demonstrate products or point out specials when you can't see them face to face.



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Senior Executive Unit Leader Erika Woolbright graced the pages of Avon's WHAT'S NEW demo planner earlier this year - WOWSA!  Congratulations, Erika!! Erika is in Sandra Bell's (SEUL from Florida) first generation and Lisa Wilber's (me) second generation!