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July 2013
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Air Race Classic
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Upcoming Events

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
July 27-Aug 4, 2013
Oshkosh, WI

NBAA 2013 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA2013)
Oct. 22-24, 2013
Las Vegas, NV

WAI, Women in Aviation International Conference
March 6-8, 2014
Orlando, FL
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AWAM Chapter 19
The Air Race Classic


This year AWAM had the opportunity to be represented at the Air Race Classic as the official inspection team for both the start and terminus of the race. As one of the two "inspectors" on site for both, it was a real honor to be a part of this event.


At the start out in Pasco, WA, we had the privilege of working with AWAM Chapter 19.  These dedicated AWAM members made the 4-5 hour journey from the Seattle area to join us.  Most were able to attend for both days of aircraft inspections, and without their enthusiasm,  (personal cost), and interest in learning outside of the classroom, we would not have gotten the inspections done in time. It was  fun to be able to meet, talk with, get to know and see them interact with  the race teams. A special "thank you" needs to go out to the racers for allowing us the opportunity to "work" on their aircraft and let these great students see something other than a worn out school plane.


In Fayetteville, AR, we were joined by a team from Wal-Mart Aviation to help knock out the final inspections (and provide lunch) on the top 15 finishers.   With their help and great attitudes, we got these done in record time. It seemed to be a good time had by all.


AWAM has been asked if we will, again,  next year supply the "female" inspectors to help support the all female air race. To that question we easily said yes. The start will be in Concord, CA and we are already looking for the next group of "volunteers" that would like to be a part of this great event.


Scholarship Perspective -- Joseph Oliver


Apply for that Scholarship!


Having won a Pratt and Whitney Scholarship, I decided to attend the WAI conference in Nashville, TN to personally receive the award. That was probably the second smartest decision I made with respect to scholarships - the first being applying for the scholarship in the first place.

At the FAR part 147 school I attended (and graduated on April 5, 2013), I was practically the only student to consistently apply for scholarships. Most students didn't make the time or effort and simply agreed that they had no chance of winning a scholarship if they applied.

I myself was hesitant in regards to AWAM, since I am of the male gender. However, there were ample scholarships that were open to male members so I applied for two or three of them. To my surprise, I received a Pratt and Whitney scholarship, which seemed to be the 'greatest thing since slice bread' with all the AMT professionals in my local area. I was elated. Though I had received four scholarships prior to this one, I just had a sense that this was something 'special'. 

Again, the few students I shared this with thought it was a waste of time and money to fly to Nashville, TN on my dime. Again, this proved to be such a rewarding experience. The event was first class, I met so many wonderful people involved with AWAM: Fran Gudelski, Ben Berneike, Jane Shelton, Lynette Ashland, and Sharon Riffle (among others). The associations' reception and attitude toward the scholarship recipients was so magnificent that I even volunteered to work an activity during the event.

I felt that this was one of the most worthwhile items I had invested my time and money in besides the investment going to an FAR part 147 school. At the ceremony I couldn't believe the number of recipients who did not attend or even bother to send a photo for the program pamphlet - unbelievable! If you are an A&P student my advice to you: join AWAM, WAI and other organizations that offer scholarships and other opportunities to catapult you towards a successful career after you finish school and obtain a license. Too many students are content just to finish school and get an A&P license, while letting very prolific opportunities pass by that are usually permanently lost after graduating from school.

You know the most amazing thing? When I went to do my Oral and Practical, in walks Joanne Alcorn, an AWAM member who I sat with at the scholarship ceremony! She provided a great conversation about the convention that helped break the ice with the examiner. What a small world it is indeed!


Joseph Oliver


Skills USA

SkillsUSA - A national leadership organization and partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. In June 6,000 students representing the best of the best from secondary and post-secondary schools, met in Kansas City from across the U.S., Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam, to compete for the title in one of 96 represented vocational areas. One of those areas was Aviation Maintenance Technology. Those competitors performed 12 tasks that represent the types of maintenance they will handle in the aircraft industry. The competition scope is consistent with the Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Certification Guide, published by the Federal Aviation Administration.


You might remember Andrew Kincaid, he was a competitor in the Aviation Maintenance Games put on by our Western Michigan University AWAM Chapter last year. He won an AWAM membership through that competition which was a preliminary competition, and a beginning to the SkillsUSA competition at WMU. Michigan does not have a state competition in Aviation Maintenance Technology which meant that WMU had to hold an individual competition which many AWAM chapter members participated in. Andrew was chosen to compete at the national level (only one participant is able to move forward from each school in each specific competition) and represent WMU at SkillsUSA.


The competition was fierce, there was a leadership test the first night (at 10:30 p.m.!), then a written test the next day. The third day was comprised of an eight hour written and practical test with multiple stations to visit with specific tasks to complete.   The high school and college students had separate tasks, but they were all grueling to sit and watch; they were certainly sweating! It was almost as difficult to be an advisor as it was to be a competitor.


Finally the waiting game began....The results would be announced on Friday evening at the closing ceremonies - Olympic style! We counted up the number of competitions in alphabetical order prior to Aviation Maintenance Technology, there were nine; surely they would all be announced in alphabetical order...the very first competition to be announced - Esthetics! Oh No! How long would the wait be? It wasn't too long. When they began with the AMT winners, they started with those in secondary education, announcing the bronze, silver, and gold before moving to the post-secondary. We waited with baited breath, would Andrew be among those in the group? When they announced "The gold medalist Andrew Kincaid, Western Michigan University, Michigan," those in the Michigan contingent started screaming - I started jumping up and down, Andrew looked at me startled, and said "That's me?" Yes Andrew, it was. We have a gold medalist in our midst.

Corporate Jet Chief Inspector Position



Job Description:

        They will assure that all inspections are performed in a professional manner.

        They have the authority to sign all forms both FAA and repair station, work order release, airworthiness approval tag release and inspection forms within the scope of the repair station ratings.

        They will make all required log book entries when releasing an aircraft from this repair station. They will perform any additional tasks assigned to them by the chief inspector.

        Will be responsible for records management. Will track activity and duties that need to be done for managed aircraft.

        Will utilize a computerized management system (CAMP) to track and know when maintenance must be performed on particular aircrafts. They will be managing between 6-10 aircraft. They will flag to make sure work is out on time.

        Will need to make and sign logbook entries and logbook aircraft release forms.

        Will review parts coming off the aircraft and issue A130's to validate that the aircraft part is in working condition. Will also be inspecting parts that come off from heavy checks.

        They will be sitting at a desk on the computer.



        Have at least 4-5 years experience as a Lead Inspector or Chief Inspector on corporate jets in the inspection department

        Prefer 145 repair station background

        Must have their airframe and power plant license

        Must have experience in a computerized management system

        Must have experience working directly with the FAA (ask them if they have references at the FAA they can provide)

        Must have significant time spent with CAMP or other MX tracking programs

        Must have been solely responsible for MX due dates on more than 1 aircraft at a time

        Must have experience on 2 of the 5 (hawker, falcon, lear, challenger, westwind)

        Must have experience managing multiple aircraft.

        Must have the mindset of working in a small/midsized repair station type environment



 Matt WeMett, Professional Recruiter

Aerotek Aviation

400 Horsham Rd, Suite 108

Horsham, PA 19044

Phone (215) 315-4268

Fax      (215) 315-4275 



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AWAM Members participated in the 2013 Air Race Classic!   



AWAM, once again, provided  maintenance oversight to the  The Air Race Classic. 






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