AbleLink quarterly newsletter - Fall 2016
Changing Lives...

The weather is changing and once again giving us a powerful visual reminder that there is a season to everything. As you prepare to head into 2017, what do you want the next season to bring for the people in your life who need cognitive support technology?

In our live training sessions, we always recommend starting with a goal in mind instead of attempting to instantly master every feature of the software. When you think about the core barriers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities face every day, what element of support would be most useful to you right now?

At AbleLink, we are changing the way we deliver this vital technology. Through Apple's App Store and Google Play, we offer easy access to our "3-series" apps for scheduling, video modeling, and wayfinding. At the same time, we continue to provide agency-level services and bundled hardware/software solutions through our website's Marketplace

The endless variety of assistive technology options can be both a blessing and a curse. We want to be a resource to help you navigate the forest of apps out there and match the people you love with technology that best meets their needs.

Looking forward to great things in 2017,


AppStoreWith the November release of WayFinder 3 for the iPhone, the entire AbleLink Community Access Suite is now available on the world's most popular phone. This suite includes three separate apps - Endeavor 3, Visual Impact 3, and WayFinder 3 - which can be purchased separately in the App Store.
GooglePlayAndroid users can now directly purchase AbleLink apps in Google Play! Two of our best-selling apps - Everyday Skills and Living Safely - are joined by the entire "3-series" (Endeavor 3, Visual Impact 3, and WayFinder 3) and are ready for purchase.

We will continue to offer hardware/software bundles on Android through the AbleLink Store at Just reply to this email to get more information.
The NHS presentation at this year's ANCOR Tech Summit was a major highlight of two wonderful conference days. NHS defines what agencies can accomplish by thoughtfully deploying technology. 

Check out their videos via the links below to learn more about NHS and how AbleLink has played a part in their success.