With our campus now complete, there's a new and improved traffic pattern. Here are some details:

The new campus features:

A child-friendly central campus
One of the main objectives of the campus master plan was to keep children safely away from cars. Today, a one-way road loops all the way around the campus, leaving the center of the campus car free. Children will travel all over campus, all without encountering any cars.

Easy access to safe sidewalks
The bus circle will be for buses only - no cars allowed at any time. Children who ride the bus have direct access to sidewalks connecting all the classrooms. Teachers will meet our littlest bus riders to escort them to the Lower School building in the morning, then deliver them back to the bus circle at day's end.
A sense of community
We are delighted to bring back many parents' favorite place to gather for impromptu conversations -- by the big tree. This is the giant evergreen near the steps in the outdoor commons at the heart of the campus. So whether you are driving through or parking and walking to meet your child, this is your one  central location for pickup and dropoff (shown in green below).  
  • Bus riders: arrive at the bus circle; teachers meet little ones, easy walk to classrooms
  • Driving/Lower School : drop off beside the Lower School, or park and walk in, or drop off at the outdoor commons (green arrow)
  • Castle Creek and Middle School: drop off at the outdoor commons (green arrow)
HOW IT WORKS: AFTERNOONS  dismissal is 3:10 pm / 2 pm Wednesdays
  • Bus riders: escorted to or walk to bus circle
  • Children meet parents who've parked: in the central commons by the tree
  • Children meet a parent car: at the green arrow by the central commons
Morning or afternoon:  to park to pick up or drop off
Simply park and make your way to the tree to meet your children. There's ample parking in the lower lot.  Additional parking is located in the upstream lot across the river from the Middle School. There are limited spaces in the lot facing the Castle Creek Building. Please leave the spaces facing the practice rooms open, as these are for Music Festival staff only. Please, never park in the bus circle, along the entry road, or on any bridge.
Morning or afternoon: to drop off or pick up without parking
Please make the entire loop. From the entrance of the campus, keep going straight. Follow the yellow arrows in the map above. Go over the upstream bridge. Just past the gym and arts buildings, you'll see a pullout for cars to deliver or pick up children. When you're all set, pull carefully back into the flow of traffic around the loop road to cross over the lower bridge and exit the  campus.
If you come to campus during the day
Look for parking in any of the open lots or in any designated spaces not reserved for the Music Festival staff. Some spots near the Lower School are marked "parking during pickup and dropoff only." This is play space during the day, so please don't park here from 8:30 to 2:30 (1:30 Wednesdays).
School staff will be on hand to direct you, especially in the busy first weeks of school.
Thanks in advance for your patience as we get to know our car-free, pedestrian-friendly, and community-oriented campus.
During the first week of school, only the BLUE bus (Brett's route for Carbondale/Willits/Basalt) will operate Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. Full bus service on all lines starts Monday, Sept. 12.
Whenever driving on campus, please be extra careful and watch for cars, buses, and especially for children. The speed limit is 12 miles per hour.