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November 2017
Outstanding Employers- in so many ways
A new effort to recognize some of the best employers of people with disabilities from across Minnesota resulted in winners across multiple industries, from family owned companies to major corporations, nonprofits and a small city.

The Outstanding Disability Employers, a dozen in all, were chosen from nominations written by members of the Minnesota Organization for Habilitation and Rehabilitation (MOHR), which have partnered with the employers to provide support as needed.

“It goes to show that the people we serve are working across multiple fields, and in a variety of jobs, and more employers are starting to recognize what people with disabilities have to offer them,” said Mike Burke, president of the Minnesota Organization for Habilitation and Rehabilitation.

Productive Alternatives produces video covering Outstanding Employer: Cub Foods
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He's more independent, thanks to Udac support
Thanks to Udac, a supportive work environment at the Eurest cafeteria, and fellow co-workers, James Good is gaining greater independence in Duluth.
He has worked at Eurest, the cafeteria services for United Healthcare, for almost five years. The operation serves 300 to 400 people each day.
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