Abuse of Power
YPL Posting - Sagittarius Issue
At the time I began my involvement with alternative medicine, I went to see someone for a physical issue and his greeting to me was, "Welcome, Doctor."
I was confused and thought he mistook me for someone else, but he, quickly, explained that I was the doctor and he was only a facilitator to help me heal myself.
Fortunately, since I began the studies of the modalities in which I work, I have met and been trained only by those of the same evolved mindset, i.e., those practitioners, who live by the dictum of "Do no harm" and foster treating their clientele with the respect and dignity they deserve. 
However, it has, recently, been pointed out to me how lucky I have been as, apparently, many patients are being subjected to physical, emotional, psychic and sexual abuse by claimed shamans, one of whom I revered until I heard the tales about him.
Apparently, several shamans have reputations for withholding or offering healings unless or only if sexual favors are performed.   Some even claim this is acceptable under the guise of being so-called "Sacred Unions."
First, let me address that issue...
Indeed, there are some, mostly ancient, cults or sects in which seasonal fertility rituals have, historically, been practiced.  However, even in these, Sacred Union is only valid and permissible when done in public ceremony between members of equal status or mastery.  Such practices are never sacred, valid or permissible with novices or the uninitiated.  
Therefore, anyone claiming to a new or on-going patient that this is an acceptable way of being treated is the lowest of the low and should be called out as such.          It is a total abuse of power.
So, how does one know if he or she is dealing with a reputable healing facilitator?
Referrals are, of course, most important, but there is, also, good news on the horizon with the prospect of an international Council of Elders being formed to monitor complaints and both admonish and attempt to rehabilitate shamans, who cross the line with their clients and patients.
I have been asked to participate and will keep you apprised as this Council is developed.  In the meantime, you may filter any complaints you may have directly to me.
You can't be expected to heal an issue you have, if another one is being laid on you, when you walk in the door.  You deserve to be and to feel safe with your facilitator.

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