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Barrie House Cold Brew Filter Packs
This charged up blend packs a rich, bold, and smooth hyper-energized coffee into every cup, without extra sugar or calories. Recommended cold brew time is 24 hours but you can adjust the time to taste. This coffee is fair trade organic.

Divina Retail Roasted Tomato Bruschetta
Made from fully vine-ripened tomatoes, this bruschetta is positively packed with sweet, summer fresh flavor; robust and herbal with a firm, crisp texture..

Bianco - Quality Meats since 1960
When you think summer BBQ, you think Bianco Meats! Known for their famous sausage and tender steak tips,  their offerings are always increasing. We stock a wide range of products and can bring in products upon request. 

Check out their new retail packs!

Bianco's Meats
Olympos Pitted Antipasto Olives
A blend of mixed, pitted olives, red peppers, caperberries, Extra Virgin Olive oil, garlic, sunflower oil and spices.