Murder at Lula Lake
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Noel Durant at Open DayNoel Durant, Lula Lake Land manager, at Open day. More images at our Find us on Facebookacebook site, as well as the link to the referenced story about the Lula Lake murders.
I have been asked all year about the infamous 1963 murders at Lula Lake, and thought the following link had a good & gruesome account of that event and its aftermath: (note: I could not get this link to work automatically, so you have to copy and paste it to your web browser, or go to our facebook page link to the left).
This terrible story is an excellent reminder of how recently Lula Lake and the area around it was scary and dangerous. While by far the most notorious of this kind of activity, it is not the only one. In the 1970's, when I was a teenager, we were forbidden to go to Lula Lake, so, of course, we went all of the time. It was a different place than the one we know today, full of wonderful hiking, biking, and horseback trails. Dozens of civic, religious, and education groups reserve sites within the land trust for their special events, and the fantastic Cloudland Connector Trail is open seven days a week from its three (!!!) trailheads.
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5 Points Trailhead
Another busy day at the new 5 Points Trailhead
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