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December 2014
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Physician's Focus:
All Sports Medicine's- 
Dr. Terry Smith answers our questions

Dr. Smith is a Sports Medicine Chiropractic Physician and a clinical nutritionist located in Darien, IL.  Dr. Smith works in conjunction with physical therapy to help ensure your athlete doesn't have to take time off. 

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Physician Focus: 
Dr. Jaime Baines, 
Dupage Medical Group
Physical Therapy Corner: 
Taylor Millican,DPT
Posture in Preventing Swimmer's shoulder

Product Focus: 
Biomechanical Evaluations: How you can benefit from our video analysis

In the news...
Dry Needling...Does it really work? 

Now Available at Achieve! 
VO2 Testing
VO2 Threshold Testing and Resting Metabolic Rate Testing: 

Our VO2 sub-maximal threshold testing will allow you to understand your personalized heart rate training zones, be aware of your aerobic fitness measurements, and provide you with ways to improve your cardiorespiratory endurance. 

Our exercise physiologist will take you through the treadmill test and analyze all results. The testing time, program planning, and result analysis will last approximately 1 hour. 

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The Alter G Anti-gravity treadmill allows individuals to recover from injury and/or train in anti-gravity conditions. 
  • Reduce impact by selecting any weight between 20-100% of body weight
  • Rehabilitate following total joint replacement
  • Recover from injury and surgery more effectively. 

Special focus on Performance Enhancement with less weight, faster speeds, increased turnover/cadence for all sports 

  •  Endurance sports/triathletes
  • Runners (sprint, marathon,etc) 
  • Sprint-inclusive sports such as baseball,softball,football,soccer, lacrosse, basketball,etc.

Product of the Month: 

Trigger Point Rollers
Mention this newsletter and receive 
15% off a trigger point product 
for the holidays! 

We LOVE trigger point (TP) rollers! 

We use them for warm-up, cool-down, and everything in between. Foam rollers are great...we have just found that the TP rollers provide a deeper, 
more focused compression. 

Similar to a foam roller, TP rollers are used for a variety of reasons:
  • release adhesions
  • increase localized blood flow
  •  release myofascial tension 
  • increase the pliability of the muscles
You can use your trigger point roller on your quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, IT bands, and ribs. If you have questions about whether the TP roller would be a good invest for your family, call one of our clinics today and we can help lead you in the right direction. 

Discover more Trigger Point products today

Community Corner

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Congratulations to Darien Swarm Cheer:
 They're off to nationals. After a great turn out at their regional competition, the Junior Midget cheerleaders are going to disney world! 

November 27: Beat The Bird 5k                             9:00am
  Join the community in a 3.1 mile trail run through the rolling hills of Fullersburg Woods in Oak Brook. Race day raffle prizes, food, and fun will all be provided! The race is benefiting Chicago Hope Academy. 

Congratulations to Hinsdale Central cross country! 
Hinsdale Central won the State Championship 3A cross country meet, again! 

Have an event going on in the Burr Ridge/Naperville areas?  Let us know so we can add your event! 

Did you know???
Facts about Female Athletes
Knee Injuries:
  • Female Athletes who participate in jumping and pivoting sports are 2 to 10 times more likely to sustain a knee ligament injury (such as an ACL tear)
Most ACL injuries occur from non-contact incidences. Learning how to jump, land, and pivot properly are just a few of the ways to make sure female athletes stays safe. 
Body Perception:
The sport of gymnastics is TOUGH-not just on the body but also the mind. Keep communication lines open with your gymnast and seek help to prevent issues from becoming a bigger problem. 

Football is not the only sport with concussion injuries. Make sure you talk to your athletes about the signs and symptoms of a concussion. 

Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute Sports Medicine focuses on educating our patients, coaches, and parents on issues that we see all too often. We are a concierge medical team, connecting you with all professionals who you may need to help.  If you're unsure of the next step to take for nutrition information, sports performance, or any other issue pertaining to you or your athlete, feel free to contact ANY of our clinics! We work with many other doctors, specialists, and leaders in their field of practice and would be happy to set you up with appointments if needed. 

Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute presents:
Rules: Longest plank wins! 

Stop by one of our sports medicine clinics to participate.

Contest goes through Thanksgiving day

A variety of prizes and awards will be given. 

Portrait in Color
 A message from Sports Medicine Director, Gina Pongetti

Dear (Contact First Name),
Hi Everyone and Happy Fall!
We are excited to share news with you about new happenings within Achieve. I, along with my entire staff, am happy that you are taking an interest in Achieve as well as your health and performance! 

Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute OFFICIALLY has caught with the social media world! We have many ways to stay in touch with us, learn of events, get articles and thoughts from our staff, and connect with national research on medical treatment and training. 
 -The new and improved Sports Medicine specific website 
- Constant Contact Email Newsletters
- Twitter (@achieveortho, #achievemore, #achieveorthosports)
- LinkedIn 

We have an amazing staff!

- Gina Pongetti, MPT, MA, CSCS, ART-Cert, Sports Medicine Director and Owner, ART, GT, TPDN
- Taylor Millican, DPT, Endurance Sports Specialist, ART, GT
- Abbey Wills, DPT, Performing Arts Medicine Specialist, GT, TPDN, ART 
- Ashley McLeish, DPT, Sports Medicine and Biomechanics, GT, TPDN
- Michi Mennecke, MPT,  Dance Medicine and Foot/Ankle Specialist, Sports Medicine, GT
- Marissa Parker, MSEd, ATC, Certified Athletic Trainer, Exercise Physiologist, Club Sports Outreach Director
- MaryKay Dreisilker, Exercise Physiologist, Performing Arts Medicine
- Michael Frigo, Exercise Physiologist, Endurance Sports Medicine
- Robert Duncan, Physical Therapy Tech, Professional Triathlete, Endurance Sports Medicine

We are fully comprehensive in our treatment of the Endurance Sports Athlete!

 - AlterG AntiGravity Treadmill

- Resting Metabolic Rate Testing (RMR)
- VO2 Threshold testing
- Gait Analysis and Evaluation
- Strength, flexibility, and sport-specific assessments
- Combination of biomechanic and manual therapy techniques
- Complete services for coaches and organizations including injury screening, return to sport programs, and group education member-only seminars
Continuing the world-renowned treatment for the Performing Artist
- Comprehensive treatment including Gymnastics, Dance (Traditional and Irish), Figure Skating, Cheerleading, Theater and Musicians
- Proactive education for athletes and coaches on return to sport, injury prevention and overall club medical management
- Broadway musical touring treatment and on-site care
- Maintaining the success of the only American Physical Therapy Association approved Continuing Education  (ConEd)course on Gymnastics
- Private courses through; a leading information source for medical education in Performing Arts
- Staff that is featured in National and International Publications such as
Inside Dance Magazine, Inside Cheerleading Magazine, Inside Gymnastics Magazine, Irish Dance and Culture, Cheer Biz News and more
- treatment and management of current National Team athletes and NCAA Champions

Club Sports Outreach and Management

 - Complete care of sports teams including soccer, swimming, football, baseball, softball, basketball, lacrosse, gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance studios

- Includes parent and athlete education, on site coverage, and injury screens 
- Concierge service to connections with physicians, evaluations, and all medical fields including sports psychology, chiropractic, nutrition, massage, personal training, acupuncture and more

We are maintaining our commitment to excellence with treatment for all of our patients:
- Biomechanical evaluations for movement and gait
- Communication with physicians regarding treatment and progress
- Manual Therapy that is unsurpassed by any other clinic, using advanced certifications such as Active Release Techniques (ART), Graston Technique (GT), Trigger Point Dry Needling (TPDN, MyoPain), Myofascial release, Soft Tissue Mobility, Joint Mobilization, SI Joint specific treatment, McKenzie Protocols, SpiderTech and Kinesiotaping, and more!
- Strengthening through small calculated motion, performance assessments, core stability, and progressive advancement of functional programs
- Education through explanation of injury, prevention, proper prescription of home exercise programs and advice on return to daily living, work, and sport
Our thanks to YOU for your support throughout the years and desire to be both healthy and educated! Keep in touch with us, check social media, and contact us with any needs or questions. 

In good health,

Gina Pongetti
Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institue
Sports Medicine Clinical Director
Achieve WebsitePhysician's Focus:
Dr. Terry Smith, Chiropractic Physician
All Sports Medicine & Weight Loss

We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Smith and ask him questions that you wanted answered. Read the full interview here.

Q: What do you tell a patient that may be nervous about seeing a chiropractor?

A:  Every treatment option has risks and rewards. Chiropractic manipulation is a safe, effective therapy for joint restrictions, disc problems, and muscle spasms. In fact, it is such a low risk therapy that malpractice insurance for Chiropractic Physicians is only $2500 /yr (compared to your GP $ 50,000). That means that neck and spine manipulation is 20 times safer than taking even the safest of prescription drugs! Read more

 Q:What sets you apart from other chiropractors? 

A: My specialty is in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries. What sets me apart is that I choose to treat patients with active therapy rather than tell them to sit out for extended periods. I believe that my treatment protocols are better than the standard by more than 50%! That means that for most conditions, we consistently return athletes back to their sport 50 % faster than the conventional therapy...See full answer

Q: What are the benefits of extremity adjustments (i.e. wrist, ankle, knee)? 

A: Most people do not know that Chiropractic Medicine is also great for ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, hips, and wrists! Because we are known to be back pain specialists, most people wouldn't consider their first call to be to their Chiropractor for a wrist sprain. Gina and Abbey have referred to me so many extremity patients for adjustments. Often times it needs only one or two treatments of manipulation to restore full range of motion (assuming of course they are working with Gina and Abbey for the PT rehab to ensure that the muscles can hold the adjustment in place)...

Be sure to read the full interview with Dr. Smith. Have more questions for Dr. Smith? Pay him a visit at 8131 S. Cass Ave, Darien, IL, 60561 or give him a call at (630)515-2701.

Achieve WebsiteAthlete Spotlight: 
             Mackenzie "Macko" Caquatto                               

Macko was a nine-time All American (5 NCAA / 4NACGC Reg. Season) and All-SEC 2014 & All-SEC 2012 second team gymnast while attending the University of Florida. In 2010, she competed in the World Championships in the Netherlands. Macko took some time to answer a few of our questions: 

Q: Tell us how you kept as healthy as possible over the years?

Macko: "As an athlete, it was really important to stay strong and do conditioning on a daily basis to keep as healthy as possible throughout the year. I would attend physical therapy on a weekly basis to strengthen my body, focusing on weaker areas that needed to be strong in order to stay healthy in my sport...."


Q: What role did physical therapy play in your success? 


Macko: "My physical therapy played a huge role in my success as a gymnast. I would not be where I am today without the help from my wonderful physical therapist. Attending physical therapy helped keep my body strong, heal injured body parts and prevent any other injuries from occurring.."Read more


Q: What was the most challenging injury to come back from? 

Macko: "The most challenging injury I had to come back from was a third degree sprain in both of my ankles at the same time. I tore almost all the ligaments in my ankles. I had to use a wheel chair for a while because I was unable to walk. I then rocked two boots around campus for about six months while attending physical therapy on a daily basis. I then had ankle surgery on both my ankles at the same time and it was back to the wheel chair and a lot of physical therapy for me. As a retired gymnast, I still attend physical therapy twice a week."

Read the entire interview with Macko.


The impact of ImPACT concussion testing

       We often hear about concussions when speaking of football or soccer players. They seem to be the two high contact sports that report the most concussions. Although the spotlight has been placed on soccer and football, we must not forgot that concussion can really happen anywhere at anytime. 
 We came across an article
 that may surprise many--NASCAR has now made it mandatory to have baseline ImPACT concussion tests before the beginning of their season. Why did they wait so long? You get whiplash when getting rear-ended on the street, imagine what that would feel like at 200 mph. NASCAR has doctors, athletic trainers, and physical therapists working with them everyday. Although post-concussion ImPACT tests have been around for a few years, it is a surprise that mandatory testing has only gone into effect this year. 
        In football, 15.8% of players who sustain a concussion severe enough to cause loss of consciousness return to play the same day. For any sport, that number is too high! Think about this statistic at the youth level. Growing brains and traumatic brain injuries do not work well together. 

A health-care professional that has been trained to diagnose concussions is the only one who should make return-to-play decisions. The more information health-care providers have from pre-concussion testing, the more likely proper diagnosis, treatment, and safe return-to-play can occur. So NASCAR's new mandate is a great move in the right direction!  
        This is why Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute is a proud supplier of ImPACT concussion testing. Completing a baseline test can help parents, athletes, coaches, and athletic trainers understand the extent of their child's injury. We offer ImPACT testing to patients, club teams, and the general public. To learn more about how ImPACT testing can benefit you, give us a call! 

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