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Who's Really Who? Angels, Gods, Higher Beings
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Most who have traveled the path of metaphysical, and more specifically, mystical spirituality, agree that there is but one Ultimate Life, Universal Consciousness, Spirit, or God throughout the Universe, existing on and as multiple dimensions of expression. Between human consciousness as it currently exists in the majority of people and the Ultimate Supreme Consciousness, or God, there exists a wide divide that eventually every soul must experience when awakening to the Ultimate Reality or God.

Throughout recorded history, people have described visions of higher beings. They have been described as angelic, god- or goddess-like, or Christ-like, Buddha-like, Krishna-like, and so on. When such experiences occur, the recipient feels inspired. Nothing needs be spoken in the traditional way of human communication; instead, there is an exchange of energy as the communication. The person who has had such a vision or visions feels a greater certainty that there are higher beings that exist in higher dimensions of consciousness, giving rise to an assurance that there is life beyond this physical dimension and that life can exist in a higher, more spiritual way than earthly existence.

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