February 2017
An innovative botanical extract with proven activity
Actido™ is a pure botanical extract produced from fresh cucumbers with anti-inflammatory actions. The indicated use of Actido™ is the prevention and the symptomatic treatment of inflammatory states of the skin, the joints and the skeletal musculature.

Actido™ is the result of a long process of research and development aimed at producing a botanical extract with the highest standards of safety and quality. Actido™ is obtained via a proprietary process from selected cultivar. Naturalea controls all the supply chain from the field to the final consumer to assure continuity of supply and constant levels of quality both in the raw materials and in the final product.

Actido™ is a whole fruits extract obtained by using polar organic solvents, mainly water/ethanol blends, and under mild conditions, for preserving its content of Natexin™, the unique mix of natural components,to the greatest possible extent. High-tech, mechanical purification stages have been developed for maximizing the effectiveness of the extraction process and isolate Actido™ from the fruits. In its final form, the extract is a soluble and highly purified powder obtained by a freeze-drying process. The extract, the manufacturing process and its applications are patent protected.

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