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When Logan tried to take P.E. during his freshman year, he was sent to the nurse's office to change because he is transgender. This isolated him from other students, exposing him to constant stigma and harassment, and made him feel terrible about himself. It also made him 15 minutes late to classes each day. Eventually, he just gave up on gym altogether.

Across California, transgender students like Logan,
who is now 18 and from Santa Monica, are prevented from fully participating in school activities, programs, and facilities simply because of who they are. 


But you can help.


The School Success and Opportunity Act (Assembly Bill 1266is on its way to Governor Jerry Brown's desk for consideration after gaining the support of legislators in both the Assembly and the Senate. We need your help to make sure he signs this crucial civil rights bill, which would strengthen California's existing non-discrimination laws and ensure that transgender students have the opportunity to succeed in school.

Opponents of LGBT equality 
are using their outdated prejudices to scapegoat these courageous young people, spreading messages of fear and ignoring the success of similar school policies throughout the state and the nation. Equal access policies have already been implemented in hundreds of California schools, and it is time to make sure that all schools treat transgender students fairly. No one should ever be treated differently because of who they are, and you can make a difference.

Please join bill co-sponsors the Transgender Law Center, Equality California, National Center for Lesbian Rights, GSA Network and Gender Spectrum in demanding that transgender young people in our community have a chance to succeed.

Governor Brown needs to hear from you, and hear that you want him to sign this bill into law. Please pick up the phone or email the governor (sample email below). You can also send him a direct tweet @JerryBrownGov asking him to sign #AB1266 .

Together, we can truly make a difference for many young lives.

In solidarity,
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Masen Davis

Executive Director



Sample Email

Dear Governor Brown,

I am writing to urge you to once again stand up for LGBT equality by signing the School Success and Opportunity Act, a civil rights bill authored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, into law. California law prohibits discrimination against students based on their gender identity. Unfortunately, many school districts still discriminate against transgender students from school programs and facilities.

Assembly Bill 1266 will ensure that school administrators, teachers, parents and students understand that schools must treat transgender students just like any other students. Transgender youth deserve a safe, non-discriminatory school environment that encourages them to learn and participate fully, just like everyone else.

Policies consistent with civil rights legislation have been successfully implemented in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other districts throughout California and the nation. While the opposition seeks to keep the discussion in a place of fear and ignorance, the real experience shows those fears to be baseless. In fact, ending the exclusion of transgender students from activities, programs and facilities has led to increased acceptance and success for all students.

Please sign the School Success and Opportunity Act, and help make California schools a foundation from which all students can succeed.

Thank you for your leadership in advancing equality.


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