Action Alert: Celebrate LWVO's Birthday & Protect Voting Rights
Dear Friends,

Help us celebrate LWV Ohio's 96th birthday on May 5 by taking action to protect our voting rights!

Please call your state Senator and Representative with this message:

"Free, fair, and accessible elections cannot wait. Ohioans want online voter registration and Congressional redistricting reform now."

Online Voter Registration (SB 63) was passed by the Ohio Senate in June of 2015. The Ohio House has been stalling on the bill for nearly a year. This week, the House committee amended SB 63 to give it an effective date of January 1, 2017 and said they plan to vote on the bill next week. The delayed effective date was over the objections of Ohio Secretary of State Husted, local election officials, and voting advocates, who all urge the legislature to make online registration effective immediately to help voters and election officials navigate this high-turnout presidential election year.

Congressional Redistricting Reform likewise has been languishing in the Ohio General Assembly, despite reform proposals having been introduced in the Senate (SJR 2), House (HJR 2), and multiple versions in the Constitutional Modernization Commission. Ohio voters sent a message loud and clear last November when state Fair Districts reforms were approved by over 71% passage of Issue 1. It's time to finish the job by placing Congressional Fair Districts reforms in front of voters and stop delaying.

Click here to look up your state legislators. 

Thank you for taking action!

Yours in League,

Carrie Davis
Executive Director
League of Women Voters of Ohio