We hope these tips for caring for those with dementia prove helpful.

Engage Your Loved One in Activities
As a caregiver, you get up each day and care for your loved one, assisting with daily activities such as ablutions and meal planning. Ensuring that your loved one is safe and comforted is important, and so is engaging them. We wanted to share some activities that you can do together. 
In this newsletter you will find this helpful information:
  • Activities for those with Alzheimer's
  • The Secret to a Long, Happy Life: Live with Purpose
  • Plus, some fascinating facts to keep you entertained
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Activities Step Up in September

The community will be jumping with activity in September. Click below to see the full calendar.

Next Caregiver Support Group meeting is on Sept. 19 at 4 pm.
Activate Your Daily Care

Engaging in activities with someone with Alzheimer's or dementia requires planning and patience. Sometimes activities are restricted because of the challenges they present. 

The Alzheimer's Association has a great guide to make sure that your activities are successful and engaging. They also have some tips for what you can do at home. 

We found a few ideas that you can do together.

Ikigai: Living a Life with Purpose

Ever wanted to know the secret to a long, happy, and happy life? Consider learning from the Japanese. Here is a fascinating article about Ikigai - reason for being.

At every age, we need purpose and passion; a reason to get up in the morning. Consider applying some of these principles to your caregiving. Engage your loved one by giving them a "job" to do. If a daily routine includes a task that they enjoy and can accomplish, they will have fulfillment.

Understanding Ikigai
Did You Know...?

The first day of fall starts on September 22. It is also the autumnal equinox, when the earth receives exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.

Fall babies, children born between September and November are more likely to live to be 100 than those born at other times of year, according to a University of Chicago study of 1,500 centenarians. 

Don't forget the D. Researchers think that lower levels of vitamin D (due to shorter days and less contact with sunshine) is in part responsible for autumn and winter weight gain.

Asking people for small favors trains their brain to believe they like you.

Researchers found that the music you listen to can temporarily change a person's visual perception and affect what they think and see.

Studies have shown that people really do take longer to leave a parking spot when someone is waiting for it. (So true!)

According to a study, eating an apple before going shopping causes a person to buy 25% more fruits and vegetables. (September 16 is National Eat an Apple Day.)

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