Acupuncture comes to Kent Yoga and Bodyworks 




We welcome Jessica Ifshin and her healing practice to KY&B.  Read more about Jessica below.



We are fortunate to have Jessica Ifshin, practitioner of East Asian Medicine (EAM), L.Ac., Dipl. OM., join us for therapy sessions to be held at Kent Yoga & Bodyworks beginning May 23 in our private treatment room on the second floor.  Jessica brings 14 years of clinical experience to us and began her pursuit of EAM in San Diego, California where she maintained a thriving clinical practice from 1997 until 2010.  In addition to maintaining private practice, Jessica was also fortunate enough to spend 6 years as a full faculty member at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine/San Diego campus learning and instructing about EAM which is her passion.  

A native of New York City, Jessica wanted to bring her expertise of  this "ancient healing wisdom," back home and  to the East Coast when she became the Acupuncturist on Staff at New Milford Hospital in 2010. There she treats oncology patients at NMH's Regional Cancer Center and sees an entire spectrum of patients beyond that - addressing conditions ranging from infertility, hypertension, and allergies to depression and stress/anger management. She works out of her clinic, Eastern Body Wellness - also located in New Milford at 30 Bridge Street.

Ms. Ifshin's personal talent is connecting with her patients, without judgement and meeting them exactly where they are. Her individualized approach is reflected within her treatment plan for each patient.   A typical session will include some combination of acupuncture, moxibustion (a technique which uses heat from burning the herb ai ye/mugwort), essential oil/aroma- therapy, Chinese herbal formulas, dietary/nutritional counsel,
exercise plans, and lifestyle recommendations, accompanied by therapeutic massage (a fusion of tui-na, shiatsu and thai).  Each plan and number of sessions recommended varies depending on the issue. For example a10 treatment plan to quit smoking will suffice, whereas an open-ended plan aimed at creating and maintaining wellness might become a regular treatment event for some.

Her commitment to learning & education adds a unique depth, and experience to her practice of EAM. Jessica has done post-graduate work in Oriental Medicine at the Hubei TCM College in Wuhan, China and has participated in various wellness, educational, and public speaking events on both coasts, and also donated hundreds of treatment hours to different health-awareness and wellness agencies for the sake of furthering general knowledge of EAM.

Ms. Ifshin has state licensure in California


Starting Monday May 23

Acupunturist Jessica Ifshin will be sharing space with Kent yoga and bodyworks to create a more complete healing program. 
Jessica will be available  for acupuncture every monday of the week starting May 23 from  8:30 am  to 6:00 pm

New patients 2 hours


Return clients 75 to 90 minutes



For Appointments call Jessica directly at 619.253.5539




Alina Hernandez
Kent Yoga & Bodyworks, LLC