February 11, 2016
Andrew Bates' Message

2015 Adagio Wish Survey Results

Over 275 responses for the Adagio Wish survey were received--from every country where Adagio is installed. Someone completed the survey on their Mexican vacation, which shows how passionate they are about Adagio. Here are some interesting facts from the survey:

- 1/3 of our sites work with only a single dataset. Almost ½ manage
  2-5 companies. 3 respondents manage more than 50.
- Under 15% have a single user in Adagio. Over 60% support 2-5
  concurrent users. 5 have more than 50 users.
Most people prefer to learn about Adagio from the "Show me how..."
  videos, closely followed by the F1-Help, and their Consultant.
- The Adagio Consultant is the most valuable resource for almost 1/3
  of the survey participants
- Almost half rate their expertise level as "Master"--proficient in most
- Over 60% rate their experience with their Consultant as "Very
- 16 respondents had no wish. One had 39 separate wishes--a new
The Adagio Wish survey is sent to every Adagio site and channel member in November / December and is used to assist us in setting R&D priorities for the next year.

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Through technology experts and peer-learning, understand more about Adagio to compliment your practical accounting knowledge; then apply it to your business and gain positive ROI.

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Beautiful British Columbia

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T: 604 736 3741 x.121, events@softrak.com

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Terry Smith, QA & Tech Support

Your Action Hero

What are your responsibilities at Softrak?
I support clients to ensure their usage of Adagio Accounting software modules run smoothly. Also, I execute internal, QA audits of functions prior to their public release. For instance, testing that all the reports print, and imports and exports work.
Why do you enjoy working at Softrak?
There's never a dull moment with always numerous opportunities to learn something new. Technology is an ever-changing landscape, and we are asked to continuously adapt to it.  
What's your definition of great customer support?
Great customer support requires empathy, thoroughness and an overriding attention to detail. In fact, on occasion, use of functions can lead to unexpected results, which drive our programmers crazy. So, when I do my job accordingly, clients can better be informed; and, in some cases, we save their day.

Your favourite movie?
I'm a gal who enjoys action and sci-fi movies, such as The Matrix, Alien / Aliens, and Star Wars. 
Your favourite food?
Overall, when it comes to food, I'm adventurous and not fussy. Italian pasta is always a personal favourite.

Adagio Software
Service Packs

Attention Adagio Clients: Please contact your reseller if you have any questions regarding these releases.

Clicking on the links below will lead you to the Softrak website SP release page.

Service Pack
JC 9.2A (2016.01.26)
OE 9.2A (2016.01.25)
Get Up To Speed With
Your Adagio Software

Click on the respective link below to take you to our informative YouTube pages.

Ledger - Create Company Data

Batch Entry

21st Century Payroll  for Adagio is flexible, complete and cost-effective (U.S.) payroll to manage all your payroll needs. Payroll batches are automati-

cally sent to Adagio Ledger and Adagio JobCost for easy retrie-val and posting in Adagio. Make your software conform to your company's practices instead of the other way around.

- Regular or after-the-fact pay-
  roll processing
- Departmentalized expenses
- Time Cards
- Direct Deposit or printed
- Supports all pay frequencies

Payroll will automatically trans-fer data to Adagio Ledger when payroll posting creates general ledger entries. Optionally, trans-fer the check details to send G/L account details for each payroll check in a batch.
We have decided to discontinue blank cheque stock sales after we exhaust our current inven-tory. Providing this stock was a convenience for our Canadian customers, rather than having to ship paper across the US border. Adagio EFT provides electronic payments through all major Canadian banks to all your Adagio Payables vendors--companies and individuals alike. We also see wider avail-ability of this special paper stock through regular forms suppliers since we first began the service.

AFOA Canada 16th
Annual Conference
February 16 - 18, 2016
The Fairmont, The QE Hotel 

Caribbean Academies and
Open Houses

Adagio Academy Barbados
February 23, 2016

Adagio Open House Barbados
February 24, 2016

Adagio Academy Antigua
May 28 - June 1, 2016 
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