June 23, 2016
(Return Merchandise Authorization)

- Enter, print / email and track Return Merchandise Authorizations in
  Adagio OrderEntry, then create a credit note when returned goods
  are received.
- Quantities on RMA are tracked in Adagio Inventory by Location.
- Adds RMA Return Codes to OrderEntry.
- Adds RMA Listing report and adds RMAs to other reports.
- Requires Adagio OrderEntry 9.2A.
Andrew Bates' Message

AOC 2016 Garners Record Attendance
  Shelley Gautier, North East Native Advancing Society, with Softrak  
  President, Andrew Bates. 

From May 29 to June 1, we were delighted to host a record number of AOC 2016 attendees. Conference attendees took home 100s of tips and tricks to improve their day-to-day use of Adagio, as well as their own Lenovo tablet packed with additional conference material.

We managed to present deep dives on Adagio integration, PayDirt Payroll and detailed, hands-on training for people new to Adagio. In addition, we were happy to recognize Shelley Gautier and the North East Native Advancing Society for attending their 6th AOC (above photo), where she took home a deluxe Meinhardt Fine Foods gift basket and a free registration for the organization to AOC 2017.
I'd like to thank all of our customers, Adagio Developer Partners and Channel Partners that attended and contributed to the success of the event. We'll be in touch later this summer as location and date details for AOC 2017 are being finalized. 
Rod Downing, R&D
R&D Stands For Rod Downing

What are your responsibilities at Softrak?
My primary responsibilities include installs and to solve system-related issues, plus programming. For example, Adagio requires keeping current with Microsoft system updates. I ensure there are no conflicts between Adagio and Windows updates.
Why do you enjoy working at Softrak?
I've worked at Softrak since 1988, where we have a group of great people. Also, the owners understand the software and programming environment, and that's key for realistic expectations. Our environment is always changing too, keeping it stimulating.
What's your definition of great R&D?
To be able to understand users' needs; and, thus, provide an innovative, user-friendly solution--the challenge of human machine interface.
Your favourite movie?
2001: A Space Odyssey, despite not having chocolate in it.
Your favourite food?
Chocolate and gelato.

AOC 2016 Preview Images
Here are some images from AOC 2016.


Start planning to attend AOC 2017.

  Softrak's President Andrew Bates at the AOC 2016 opening plenary.

  Ice sculpture at Monday evening's Event Night.
Adagio Software
Upgrades and
  Service Packs

Attention Adagio Clients: Please contact your reseller if you have any questions regarding these releases.

Clicking on the links below will lead you to the Softrak website Upgrade and SP release pages.

New Features in Ledger
- Print the Trial Balance and
  Detail Listing reports to Excel
  using ExcelDirect.
- Added ExcelDirect buttons to
  the batches, entries and details
- Added an option to print a
  General Ledger Distribution
  Summary on the Posting
- Added a subtotal of Units by
  period on the GL Detail Listing.
- All Fiscal Period finders now
  show all 12 (or 13) periods.
- Added a Find to the Edit
  Departments function.
- Updated for Adagio Cloud.


New Features in Adagio FX
- This release is built from Adagio
  Ledger 9.2B and shares reports
  and data structure where the
  functionality overlaps.
- Adagio module toolbar allows
  one click launch of an Adagio
- Grids may be "banded" with a
  User Selectable color and
  banding frequency. Edit grids
  display the total number of
  records, as well as a count of
  the displayed records when a
  Filter is active.
- Make a Department "inactive".
- Account Groups can now be
  added to the Account Group
- Edit Budgets function same as
  in Ledger. These functions have
  been significantly improved to
  speed the entry of budget
- Added Find transactions and
  other features in Ledger to the
  View Transactions function.
- Reports have been converted to
  Crystal Reports 2013.
- Print the Trial Balance and
  Detail Listing reports to Excel
  using ExcelDirect.
- Many restrictions have been
  removed when importing
  accounts and transactions. You
  can now import and export
- Updated for Adagio Cloud.

New Features in Financial Reporter shared with Adagio FX
- "Pin" fiscal periods and
  Department choices so that they
  are applied to every sheet in the
  financial statement.
- Conditional cell formatting using
  Styles and the formula editor.
- Allow an arbitrary selection of
  fiscal periods from the currently
  selected and previous years to
  sum amounts. Net Changes,
  Budgets, Forecasts, Statistical
  Units and Provisionally posted
  amounts can now be easily
  summed over arbitrary fiscal
- GLUPDATE() has an optional
  additional parameter to select
  the Budget Year to update. "1"
  updates the previous year's
  budget figures.
- When drilling down into
  transactions, the displayed Grid
  will be banded according to the
  User Preference settings for
  color and banding frequency.
CPA Canada: The ONE CPA
National Conference
Vancouver Convention Centre, BC
September 19 - 20, 2016
More info and registration.

IPBC National Conference
Richmond, BC
September 28 - October 1, 2016
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