May 5, 2016
Andrew Bates' Message


The Forecast Calls For Cloud

In a recent TV interview (click above photo to view, or click here), I was asked whether "Cloud Computing" was just a passing fad or something that businesses should be planning for. I believe that a general move to Cloud-based computing is inevitable, and here's why: blog post.
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Beautiful British Columbia

- The Westin Bayshore AOC 2016 group hotel room rate is sold out.
- You can still check availability at The Westin for regular prices.
- AOC 2016 is less than a month away.
- Please contact Katie Griffin to see if there is still availability for you 
  to register.

For more information, contact Katie Griffin, Events Manager:
T: 604 736 3741 x.121,

To learn more, visit the AOC 2016 website.
Bruce Nunn, Marketing Director

A Day in the Life of a Marketer

What are your responsibilities at Softrak?
I'm responsible for Marketing at Softrak. There are many, many things that fall under Marketing's portfolio, including demand generation, communications, website, and distribution channels. We doubled the number of leads generated and distributed to our channel partners last year. We also increased traffic to our website by 25%. We are constantly clarifying our messaging and improving what we do.

Why do you enjoy working at Softrak?
I enjoy a challenge. The accounting software category is mature and crowded with big competitors. I really enjoy seeing our channel partners win deals and steal market share away from Sage and Microsoft.

What's your definition of great marketing?
Good marketing is when you connect a buyer that matches the customer profile with the product that is aligned with their specific needs. Great marketing is when you create a (sales & marketing) process that makes this repeatable, predictable and scalable.

Your favourite movie?
Hmmm. Almost Famous or Apocalypse Now.
Your favourite musical band?
The Beatles. For me, their music never gets old. I'm obsessed with music. I recently dusted off my turntable and started listening to my vinyl records again. 
Post AOC 2016 Activities
To allow staff to recover with their loved ones, Softrak will be closed Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3, 2016. The Technical Support Forum will be monitored.
May 28 - June 1, 2016 
Vancouver, BC

Adagio Software
Upgrades and
Service Packs

Attention Adagio Clients: Please contact your reseller if you have any questions regarding these releases.

Clicking on the links below will lead you to the Softrak website Upgrade and SP release pages.

- Conditional Cell Formatting is supported.
- Views that are "Tied" to a specific database can now be modified for running on a laptop version of the data.
- Tool tips have been added to display calculation dependencies, Filter and Row Format definitions.
- New FUNCTIONS  have been added.
- Adagio-Cloud ready.
GridView-RW 9.2B (2016.05.05)
- GridView-RW enables AdagioDirect, a new feature that allows the mass updating of Adagio Tables from external sources.
- GridView-RW will now update records from multiple files in a single View.
- Adagio-Cloud ready.

- Formatted addresses on documents, Pickup, Ship / Bill To, and Sundry Vendors.
- The Bill To and Ship To addresses are now stored in purchase orders allowing entry of a one-time address.
Lanpak 9.2B (2016.03.09)
- Required by future 9.2B modules and all upgrade versions released in March 2016 or later.

Service Packs
Smart Hotel Software
TAS (Tax
Adminstration System)

Smart Hotels is once again an Adagio Developer Partner. Together, we have a compelling solution for the hotel and hospitality industry. Hotels that have multiple properties, and provide a variety of revenue-generating services such as restaurants, bars, banquets, business services, etc., need more robust accounting and financial reporting.

The Smart Hotel Software package is a full-featured Hotel Property Management System for resorts, hotel chains and other multiple-lodging properties. Manage reservations, deposits, check ins, check outs, guest folios, payments, sales and audit reports, housekeeping, maintenance and yield management. Hoteliers will find Smart Hotel Software a flexible, affordable and reliable solution for front desk, room and guest management. Smart Hotels includes seamless integration with POS and Adagio Accounting.



TAS (Tax Administration System) is a new Adagio Developer Partner that enables us to compete in the government sector (such as cities and municipalities). It is a cloud-based system that integrates with Adagio.

TAS is a simple and powerful tool designed to assist Property Tax Administrators, and their staff, efficiently manage the complete annual property tax cycle including assessments, budgeting, rate setting, generation of tax notices, collection and enforcement.
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