December 10, 2015
Andrew Bates' Message

Make Your Adagio Wish!

December is the time we send out the Adagio Wish Survey. This is your chance to talk directly to us about your development priorities. You can also give us feedback about how we can improve your experience with your Adagio Consultant and Softrak support! If you have not received your invitation to the Adagio Wish Survey, reply to this email and we'll get an invitation to you right away!
As we are quickly approaching the holiday season, I wish you, your colleagues and loved ones a happy new year. Best wishes for 2016!
Andrew Bates

 Hurry. Ends December 31, 2015.
Until the end of the year, Softrak is offering a 25% discount on all Late and Prior Version Upgrade Plan renewals. Contact your Adagio Consultant for details.

Softrak's offices will be closed from 2 pm PST December 24, 2015 to January 4, 2016. The Technical Support Forum will be monitored during the closure.

Warren Flett, Training & Support

"How can I assist you with your Adagio, Mr. Bond?"

What are your responsibilities at Softrak?
In my close to 21 years with the company, I've worn many hats, including quality assurance, customer training and support using telephony, webinar, and video, which is used on our YouTube channel. Also, I test Adagio program add-ons to ensure they work as promised. At our AOCs, I do presentations about our software programs, with video demonstrations on new features.
Why do you enjoy working at Softrak?
I enjoy having multiple responsibilities, where my bosses give me the autonomy. In addition, after many years of collaborating in a small-team setting with my colleagues, we've all meshed well with complimentary working styles. Also having a relaxed working environment is fun and productive. 
What's your definition of great customer support?
Promptness, quality, listening skills, and willing to follow up on your promise.

Your favourite movie?
James Bond, and specifically those with Roger Moore--who was the first one I watched.
Your Hobbies?
Running, chasing my kids, cross-word puzzles, playing bass guitar, frisbee golf, and watching hockey.

Adagio Software
Upgrades and
Service Pack

Attention Adagio Clients: Please contact your reseller if you have any questions regarding these releases.

Clicking on the links below will lead you to the Softrak website Upgrade release page.


Console 9.2A (2015.10.13)
DataCare 9.2A (2015.09.16)
ePrint 9.2A (2015.09.19)
ODBC 9.2A (2015.10.27)
ODBC-RW 9.2A (2015.10.28)
OrderEntry 9.2A (2015.07.29)

Service Pack
Ledger 9.2A (2015.09.03)


Adagio Cloud Is In
Full Release

Adagio Cloud entered its beta testing phase last May--it was announced at AOC 2015. We recently completed its testing phase, and as of November 16th the following Adagio Cloud products are available:
  • Adagio Cloud Manager
  • Core (GL, AP, BankRec)
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory
  • MultiCurrency
For Adagio clients that wish to move their accounting system from a local area network to the cloud, your consultant can help you with that transition. If you have reliable internet connectivity, and you wish to reduce or eliminate your I.T. spend on servers and LAN hardware, then this may be the right path for your business.


Come meet us and have fun at the following events.

           AFOA Canada 16th
           Annual Conference
         February 16 - 18, 2016
      The Fairmont, The Queen
               Elizabeth Hotel 

This year's conference will focus on how Aboriginal communities must emphasize the importance of strong leadership and governance to attain community improvement.
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