January 3, 2016
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Please join ACCDAN this Tuesday as w e listen to the AdCo Commissioners discuss their oil and gas concerns with COGCC Director Matt Lepore.  Many ACCDAN supporters have first-hand experience with the ping-pong-ball response to our questions about oil and gas regulations: COGCC says Adams County has control, while Adams County says the COGCC has all the power.  Please attend the study session to help assure that the commissioners and Director Lepore address and reach some consensus on Tuesday regarding which government entity can best regulate the location, size and impacts of large scale oil and gas drilling operations in Adams County neighborhoods.  

What :        Adams County Commissioners Study Session 

When :       Tuesday, January 5th

Where:     The AdCo Government Center building
                 4 430 S Adams County Pkwy
                 Brighton, CO 80601   

Time:       Study Sessions starts at 10 am; 
                 COGCC is on the agenda 11:30 - 12:30

MOUs Pending
In the next couple months at least four oil and gas companies - some of which target neighborhoods for oil and gas development - will be asking Adams County Commissioners to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) allowing them to drill an unlimited number of wells almost anywhere in Adams County.  These operators, including Synergy, agreed to wait on signing an MOU until after the COGCC rulemaking was complete.  The COGCC rulemaking hearing concludes January 25 th (see related article below).  Come hear what is being discussed between the COGCC and Adams County on Tuesday to let our officials know we expect clear answers to our regulatory questions and concerns prior to the signing of any MOUs. 

The Study Session, which has a diverse multi-topic agenda, begins at 10 a.m.; however, the discussion with Director Lepore is only on the agenda from 11:30-12:30.  If you live in Wadley Farms you may find it worthwhile to stick around for the discussion on gravel roads that begins at 1:30. As a reminder, the public is welcome to observe but not participate in the study session.

The COGCC did not complete the rulemaking hearing on December 7th.  Final remarks will be given by all parties on January 25th, and the commission's decision on the proposed rules should follow shortly. Thank you to the many supporters that contributed to the hearing through their presence and their statements. Unfortunately, the first two drafts of the proposed rules did not contain any meaningful protections for existing neighborhoods.  One additional revision to the proposed rules will be released prior to the last hearing date of January 25th.
Yard signs can be purchased from Chris Nyholm at 13789 Franklin Street (Wadley Farms).  Please call her at 303-451-7762 to schedule pick-up or delivery.
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