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Adaptation Is The Key To Health
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Adaptation Is The Key To Health



Have you ever given thought as to how symptoms arise or worse yet, diseases?  Most believe that diseases or symptom complexes are separate from us, foreign in nature, something that has no relationship to our being, but has come upon us like an invasion of an army on a country.
How did we come up with a thought process like this?  There is only one way, and that is the inherent philosophy of the medical profession.
There is very little talk about the patients circumstances that got them there.  A diagnosis is given and a medicine is prescribed to kill the condition.  Over time the population has been programmed to believe that all sickness is from without.  As such, most would never seek the care of an alternative health care provider, because their philosophy is not compatible with that of the Vitalistic philosophy which is the foundation of alternative health care.  So what is the Vitalistic philosophy of disease?  Basically, it says that Dis-ease is a communication disorder within the body, whether it be cellular, neurological, biochemical, structural, energetic like acupuncture, emotional, or if really deep, spiritual. Therefore, a symptom complex or disease is a manifestation of interference, blockage,deformation, or stagnation of energies used by our Innate Intelligence to maintain life.  Chiropractic and Acupuncture are the two main disapplines that have at their core this philosophy. And what are the causes of these imbalanced energies?  Chiropractic believes there are three things that ruin our health and they are toxins, trauma, and thoughts.  Past medical care can fall into toxins and past emotional wounds would be under thoughts.
In my clinic, all of our practitioners are rooted in this philosophy. We look for that imbalance and more importantly we look for the cascade of events over time that eventually broke the bank of adaptation.  Adaptation is the key to health and a doctor that can help one maintain that state before something goes wrong or bring the patient back from their mal-adaptation after the fact is a God-Send.  We have all dedicated our lives to such a service.
So what does this all mean?  It means come in for regular checkups so that little imbalances can be dealt with before something big takes over.  And definitely come in if you have a symptom so we can help you return to health.  Remember, whether you need Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Detox, Body Work, or Emotional-Spiritual work, we will get to the bottom of the complex that created the dysfunction in the first place. We will help you create connection, wholeness, healing, release, integration, restoration, and renewal.  And if you have a serious condition that does require the mechanistic model of health care, medical intervention, still come in so we can deal with the cause while the MD is taking care of the emergency.




By Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC

Wagner Holistic Center