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Municipal Financing- July E-Muni
Tools to Help You - First Up: Transportation Aids!
In our discussions at the League's summer Board meeting and in staff strategic planning sessions, we've begun to look ahead and are working to provide you with advocacy tools to enhance the municipal partnership with the State. Municipal revenues are at the top of our list and first up is t ransportation aids. Many communities have already adopted the #JustFixItWI resolution . If you haven't yet, please put it on your next meeting agenda.

Please calendar: 

Thursday, September 29 at 7:00 p.m. 
In this unprecedented event, county, city, village and town officials from all 72 counties will gather to have their voices heard in a simultaneous meeting to bring attention to transportation.The meeting will focus on critical projects in your region and the need for the state to find a sustainable solution. Stand up and be counted. We can't afford to wait any longer! Bring your list of most needed
transportation projects. Network with your colleagues from nearby cities, villages, towns and counties.

It is important that cities and villages attend in all locations.  As Jerry Deschane often says, "the world is run by those who show up."  If your city or village hasn't already adopted the resolution, you can find it  here  on our website as a word document. 

Look for details, including your county's location on the TDA website
Emergency Manager Mentality
July, the Municipality - pg 20

Tony Minghine, Associate Executive Director and COO, Michigan Municipal League will be speaking about the Emergency Manager Mentality at the League's Chief Execs Workshop. Agenda and registration here

"When an emergency manager balances the books by closing parks, eliminating programs and services, and foregoing investments in infrastructure, they make it a less desirable place. This of course, diminishes the value of the city and their revenue generating power. Consequently, the city offers even fewer services, which further diminishes it as a place where people want to live, which diminishes value, and so on, and so on. It's a death spiral-a fundamentally-flawed process that will never work given Michigan's current municipal finance model. The system is broke." 

#saveMIcity is the Michigan League's special campaign. Learn more on their website  here.  
Communicating Photo Voter ID 

We contacted the new Wisconsin Elections Commission to see if we could be helpful.  Here's what they provided: 

"Wisconsin municipalities can help get the word out about the state's voter photo ID law before November.  The Wisconsin Elections Commission has a website dedicated to explaining the photo ID law:  Please consider including a brief message in your municipality's electronic newsletter, printed materials or utility bills, along with the Bring It to the Ballot logo."

For a paragraph that you can cut and paste, look for the "Bring It to the Ballot" logo on the front page of the League's website here:
Municipal Finance Tools
Highlighted in the July the Municipality

July, the Municipality, pg 8
"If your municipality is looking to fund your next project, or to refinance outstanding debt, consider the BCPL State Trust Fund Loan Program.  Information is available here on the BCPL website." 
July, the Municipality, pg 10
"Over 1,300 local units of government deposit revenues in the State of Wisconsin Investment Fund until they are needed. These funds are referred to as the LGIP. SWIB's management of the LGIP has provided participating communities rates of return on their funds comparable to national money market funds during changing and challenging economic cycles. The returns consistently rank among the best when compared to other government funds."  Information is available on the Dept. of Administration website  here.
Cooperative Purchasing
July, the Municipality, pg 14

Want to get started?  Questions to ask when considering a cooperative purchasing contract can be answered here . This free website is a directory of the key cooperative programs and can help address these questions, provide documentation and streamline the process of identifying the cooperative contracts that will work for your municipality.

To learn more about US Communities, the cooperative purchasing network sponsored by the League, go here 
CEO Workshop Register Today!
The League's Chief Executives Workshop registration is now live!  Agenda, details and registration are on our website here.  

Join 100 Mayors, Village Presidents, Managers and Administrators August 24-26, at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan.  

Annual Conference Registration NOW Available: 

The League's 118th Annual Conference -  ½ off Registration for First-Time Attendees
Join us October 19-21 at the  Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center, Stevens Point.  
If you are a city or village elected official or staff and have never attended the League's Annual Conference before, this is your year.  All first-time municipal attendees receive ½ off of their registration fee. More than 350 local officials and staff attend the League's popular Conference. The League's Conference offers great networking opportunities, valuable workshops and an opportunity to talk with a wide variety of exhibitors as well as inspiring speakers. Registration is live here

Bonus!  If you register for the League's Annual Conference, your confirmation will include a discount code to the "2016 National League of Cities University:  Leading Collaborative Communities." Check out their agenda  here.  
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