September 2, 2017



Dear Friends and Neighbors:


We have been informed by a number of area residents that they were told either by fire services or constables that their power was being shut off. Council Member Travis has spoken to Houston Fire Department Chief Pena, who notified the Council Member that HFD is working with CenterPoint Energy to selectively turn off power to flooded homes. If you are currently flooded, power will be turned off to your home.

During a number of rescues and humanitarian missions in the flood waters, a number of first responders have reported a "tingly" feeling and the hair on the back of their necks standing straight up.  Such conditions are associated with an electrical charge being present in the water. An apartment complex in the vicinity of Memorial Drive and White Wing Ln. was allowed to burn to the ground just hours ago because HFD could not safely access the site.

As such, Chief Pena has deemed it unsafe for his firefighters to work in areas that are both currently flooded and that currently have electrical power.  Apparently, our brave firefighters are willing to battle disease-infested flood waters, snakes, gators, floating rafts of fire ants, risks of structural collapse and natural gas leaks, but insist on drawing the line at being electrocuted in the performance of their mission.   These power outages are expected to last as long as there are flood waters in the homes.  

Because we now have water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer and now electrical issues in west Houston, residents who are currently flooded are strongly encouraged to voluntary evacuate until the flood waters recede, which could be as long as two weeks.
Greg Travis
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