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Adexa Optimizes Seagate Inventory and Delivery Network
In addition to deployment of Adexa in Seagate’s supply chain, Adexa’s planning technology is now used to optimize Seagate’s retail network across production, inventory and logistics.
Los Angeles, CA – March, 2017 – Seagate, a world leader in storage solutions, is now using Adexa technology in order to plan and optimize their production requirements and shipment of products.  The model maximizes the use of available inventory while minimizing cost. In addition,
  • Enabling the ability for analysis to reduce transportation costs.
  • Providing the ability to manage production on preferred resources and minimize the cost.
  • Identifying and managing supply risk and capacity issues.
  • Providing scenario planning capability to enable business trade-off decisions.
Given the complexity of Seagate’s worldwide operations, our objective was to find a solution that optimizes our resources and inventory to ensure cost-effective, on-time delivery,” explained Scott Robbeloth, director of Consumer Supply Chain. “ With Adexa’s technology, we receive (nearly) real-time data that allows us to make optimal decisions and meet our short-term and long-term targets.”

We are extremely pleased to have partnered with Seagate, one of the world’s best run supply chains.” Commented John Hosford, VP Services and Solutions Delivery. “ The biggest reward to us is when our clients see such tremendous benefit in our solutions. We are very grateful that Seagate has trusted Adexa with their most critical areas in their worldwide sales and operation planning.
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Adexa delivers intelligent enterprise business planning and performance management solutions that link strategic planning, financial planning and supply chain planning.  In this synchronized environment, the financial impact of planning decisions, and their ramifications on the enterprise, are known in advance to ensure profitable decisions are made every time.  The end result is an innovative enterprise, able to proactively adjust to changing market conditions and support growth and capitalization. Visit:
About  Seagate Technology
Seagate is the global leader in data storage solutions, developing amazing products that enable people and businesses around the world to create, share and preserve their most critical memories and business data.  Over the years the amount of information stored has grown from megabytes all the way to geopbytes, confirming the need to successfully store and access huge amounts of data. As demand for storage technology grows the need for greater efficiency and more advanced capabilities continues to evolve.  Visit: