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November  2014

A college is a business and the athletic department is part of the overall business. Colleges and their departments have budgets to which they must adhere. When a college claims they have no money or they are imposing austerity measures, they do (2) things. They raise tuition and they cut back on services.

Adjust Your Athletic Recruiting Strategy to Meet College Budget Cuts 

On the academic side, schools may increase tuition, increase class size, use lowered tenured (lower paid) professors to teach classes, offer fewer classes, charge more ancillary service fees or raise the price of room and/or board.


On the athletic side, there are only (2) revenue generating sports; football and men's basketball. This does not mean that they are profitable, but they generate some income. As part of the overall picture, the athletic department must trim expenses. This cost cutting has a direct impact on college recruiting. As a high school athlete and future college roster player you must be aware of how these cuts affect your visibility, recruitment strategy and how you can be successful in spite of the budget cuts.


Athletic budget cuts may take some of the following forms:

  • Fewer coaches per team
  • Use of associate coaches rather than assistant coaches
  • Reduced travel and entertainment budgets which means coaches will attend fewer games, tournaments and showcases and may stay for shorter periods of time
  • Less printed marketing/recruiting material

All of these things have an impact on your ability to be noticed and recruited. It does not mean that you won't be recruited but you must adjust your recruiting strategy in order to be found more easily and ultimately earn a freshman roster spot and a favorable financial aid package.



  • Don't waste your precious time going to dozens of camps, clinics, and showcases; fewer coaches attend them.  Also, if you haven't been recruited after attending 1 or 2, you probably won't be recruited after attending 10 or 20
  • Don't wait for a coach to find you on a free website along with hundreds or thousands of other athletes, coaches don't have time to blindly surf the Internet
  • Don't wait for the coach to pick up the local newspaper and find your name and your stats; coaches are rarely attuned to local newspapers outside of their own geographic market
  • Don't wait for someone else to do your bidding. Who has the most to gain (or lose) - you or them
  • DON'T WAIT. Recruiting is extremely competitive and it starts very early


Recruiting is a proactive endeavor. Reach out to coaches early and often. Email your profile to coaches. Send coaches a hard copy of your profile. Record your games and create a highlight video for coaches. Keep coaches informed of your academic and athletic progress on a monthly basis. Reach out to more schools. Be proactive and do it on their terms.

College Prospects of America helps high school athletes get college scholarships. If you have the academic and athletic ability to be competitive in college, and you have the work ethic, commitment and desire to back it up, we can help. Since 1986, College Prospects of America has helped more than 50,000 high school athletes achieve their goal of playing sports in college. Get started by visiting us at www.collegeprospectsofct.com or click on the Free Athletic Evaluation link.    


Remember, you only have one chance to be recruited, don't waste it.




 Steve Karp 
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