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August 4, 2013 
1,630 children are currently waiting for families in the Waiting Child area. Visit them online today.
We invite you to share this newsletter with friends, family, and church members.  --Martha
Child ID: Margo     Location: Eastern Europe
Margo was born in December 2002 of a second normal pregnancy. She is a clinically healthy child with strabismus and myopia. Margo has normal development, skills and behavior for a child her age.  She has completed fourth grade and can read and speak very well, but needs a little help with her math classes. Margo is a lively, cheerful child who enjoys friendships with her peers as well as emotional connections with the adults around her. She likes to participate in organized sports, singing, dancing, drawing, celebrations, field trips, and bike riding. She sleeps and eats well and her self-help skills are at the appropriate level for her age. Additional photos and reports are available upon request.
Contact Hopscotch Adoptions for more information on Margo. 
Child ID: CR13-04    Location: Latin America
Born 9/2004, "J" is described as active, attentive, friendly, and collaborative. He takes the initiative to play, enjoys riding his bicycle, playing with cars, and enjoys games where he can physically move. He attends school, participates in many activities with enthusiasm, has good self-care skills, and can share, play and help others. He has an astigmatism in his right eye and has started to use glasses this year and a slight speech delay for which he received speech therapy. He has no other medical concerns and is generally healthy. For more information on this boy, please reference CR13-04. Eligible families may qualify for a grant through LSS/CH and Brittany's Hope Foundation.   For more info 
Child ID: Siblings   Location: Africa

These siblings in Africa need to stay together. This handsome boy (age8) is an absolute sweetheart.  He is intelligent and loves to learn.  He has completed the second grade and loves math.  He gets along very well with the other children in the orphanage and loves to play soccer.

PC074 H 8 M
PC075 R 7 F 

Younger sister (age 7) can often be found dancing and singing with the other girls in the orphanage.  She also enjoys helping do the dishes after dinner.  Her favorite subject in school is math and she wants to be a teacher some day.
For more information: 

Child ID: Winnie   Location: Asia
Winnie URGENT- Great Wall is urgently seeking a forever family for sweet Winnie. This little girl is 13 years old and will ago out of care this November.

Winnie is confident, active, and has the cutest dimples too! Winnie very healthy and is doing very well. She currently lives in the orphanage but does have a foster mother who she is able to have some contact with on the weekends. Winnie is a very bright little girl who loves to study. She is currently in Grade 7 in her local public school. She is able to communicate in fluent Mandarin and also knows English too. Winnie enjoys playing on the computer, swimming, and playing basketball. Most of all Winnie loves playing her violin. She is such a wonderful musician! Winnie is a beautiful and friendly girl who desperately wants to be adopted. 

For more information on Winnie please contact Kim Moore at or via phone 512.323.9595 (ext. 3091)
Thank you for considering one of these special waiting children. May God bless all of the children who wait, and the families who adopt them.

Martha Osborne