Adult 1 This Week
The Cost of Commitment

Anyone who has ever enrolled their child in an after-school activity has a moment of sticker shock. When you add up the uniform fees, field rental fees, equipment fees, and league fees, the final price can be pretty astounding. You may find yourself asking your child, "So, would you rather attend Harvard when you graduate from high school, or do you want to play Pee-Wee football?"

The activity administrators will argue that the fees insure that children will actually participate in the activity, and studies have shown this to be true. Free sports leagues are far less well attended than paid leagues. The theory is that parents who have ponied up that kind of money are going to make sure their child actually shows up.

The cost of commitment can be high. This week we see how Ruth paid an enormous price to fulfill her commitment to her mother-in-law, providing a wonderful example for all our relationships in life (Ruth 1:8-17).

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