August 2016
The Electronic Materials Report
Advanced Thin Films Report and Discount for Strategic Materials Conference
NOW AVAILABLE-Advanced Thin Film Processes for FEOL and Interconnect Applications
Advanced Thin Film Processes & Materials for FEOL & Interconnect Applications, 2015 - 2019
The semiconductor industry has relied on CVD and PVD technologies to meet much of the requirements in thin film depositions. Along with these process technologies, many standard materials, such as SiO2, Al and Ti, have been relied on to meet a majority of the industry's needs. However, now the industry is facing significant change-starting with the conversion to FinFETS and VNAND, as well as high mobility channels, spacers, novel gates, and high-κ gate dielectrics, all growing rapidly.

These new devices are leading to the adoption of many advanced deposition precursors and processes including ALD, MOCVD, FCVD, Gapfill/SOD, electroplating and others.  This report examines the applications for advanced precursors and forecasts demand to 2020.
Advanced Deposition Precursors 
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The microelectronics industry is undergoing a profound transformation, shaking up businesses across the entire supply chain and driving demand for new materials and packaging technologies. The SMC 2016 conference, Scaling Challenges: The Future of Materials and Packaging, is designed to help you adapt to the changing landscape and ensure your future success. It brings together key thought leaders to share insights on emerging technologies and to discuss how the industry is responding to scaling limitations.

Productivity gains, process improvements, and materials innovation are being combined with novel device packaging approaches. Industry insiders from Nvidia, ICMTIA, Tokyo Electron America, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Intel Corporation, IBM Research, Micron Technology, Qualcomm Research, Merrill Lynch, Dow Chemical, and many others will shed light on the technology and business drivers behind the latest developments.

Mark Thirsk of Linx Consulting will co-chair this year's conference. 

Strategic Materials Conference
Dates: September 20-21, 2016

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