Advancing the Good News of Jesus in Africa—
Astounding Stories from Charles Juma
In Giriama, Kenya
In the remote Giriama villages of Kenya, people practice witchcraft within their traditional religion. Thomas Maitha, one of Reach Out’s very effective Eagle Leaders and Regional Coordinator in Coastal Kenya, focuses his local ministry on the Giriama villages where most adults do not normally attend church. However, they do allow their children to attend. Recently, Thomas started a “youth church” by sharing the gospel in schools, and then he invited the children and teenagers to come to church. The result: 200 young people attend every Sunday in one church, and now many more come to the two other “youth churches".
I ( Charles Juma ) visited one of Thomas’ churches—I left in tears. Watching over 200 kids genuinely and creatively expressing their worship of Jesus Christ overwhelmed me. Their only musical instrument--a cowhide drum, and one young girl playing it with all of her might. Watching the kids praise Jesus using various kinds of dances, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Matthew 19:14 where Jesus said:
Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them!
For the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.
The worship was not only about them expressing their emotions toward God…dancing, singing and playing drums…on Sunday. Through Thomas’ leadership, Cornelius Baya and Lewis Siro “shepherd” these churches. They meet with the young people weekly in discipleship groups, leading them to become stronger in their relationship with Jesus. And now many of these young people have become disciple-makers themselves. Thomas told me how grateful he is that Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry taught him how to make disciples like this.  
And more…parents have begun to follow their children to church! 

Stories like this come to us often from our leaders in Africa. From Kenya to Uganda to Ethiopia and more, we see the Gospel changing the lives of thousands of young people.
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From 12 countries we have so many more stories like these.
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Jesus is Lord,
Charles Juma with
Barry St. Clair, Randy Riggins