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August 17, 2017, Vol. 129

Weekly Calendar
Upcoming Events
Friday, August 18
Contemplative Prayer: 9:00a
Women at the Well Concert: 6:00p

Sunday, August 20
Choir Practice: 8:45a
Holy Eucharist rite II: 10:00a

Wednesday, August 23
HE and Healing Service:  12:00p

Friday, August 25
Contemplative Prayer, 9:00a
Sunday, Sept. 10
Stewardship Kick Off -  Rib lunch after service

Saturday, Oct. 21
Barbecue and Blues

Reception to follow after the performance of
Women at the Well Musical Presentation 
Friday, August 18th, 6:00 P.M.
at the Episcopal Church of the Advent.
Main menu for the reception will be 
pork sliders and slaw.  Members of the congregation are encouraged to bring any sides, h'dourves or sweets you would like.

This should be a fun evening, so ya'll come!

Watch a sample of the "Women at the Well" musical presentation 
performed by B & B on the Rock.

Rock my Baby Jesus perfomed by B & B on the Rock
Rock my Baby Jesus perfomed by B & B on the Rock

To get more information on the group performing, please visit their website at

There are quite a few merchant letters remaining to be picked up.  Also, BLANK letters are available for someone you may know that has not been on our list previously.  
We ask that you not only present the merchant letter, flyer, and donation form, but that you talk to the people and tell them a little about this great event.  INVITE them to come!  We would also love for them to post the flyer in their place of business. 

Be sure to follow up on your merchant requests.

Also, a reminder to those of you who may know an arts or craft vendor.  Forms are available at the office.  The more the merrier!  

The success of the event depends on YOU! 

The date for BBQ & Blues is set for October 21, so let's get going!  Lots to do!!
Financial Update through July 31.  

Ytd Actual Ytd Budget
Income $21,807 $17,820 $229,860 $124,745
Expenses $20,079 $15,466 $150,453 $116,324

Fund Balances on July 31, 2017
Operating Fund:                                          $55,007
Thrift Shop Fund:                                        $10,391
*Mortgage Fund:                                          $15,200
**Special Events Fund:                                 ($751)
Memorial Fund:                                             $8,560
Building Maintenance Fund:                      $29,157
ECW Fund:                                                   $12,983
Outreach Fund:                                              $3,710
Total Fund balance:                             $134,257

* Previously named Building Fund which was used exclusively to pay Advent's Mortgage. The Name was changed to Mortgage Fund in order to more accurately reflect its purpose. 
**The BBQ smoker was purchased for $2,200 and was taken out of the special events funds.  

Endowment Fund                          $15,000.00
   The Endowment Fund was seeded with a $15,000 gift from a parishioner.  It is currently invested in a CD.  It is the goal of the Vestry to Establish the Fund for the long term benefit of Advent. The Money in the Endowment Fund cannot be spent until its value reaches $200,000.  At that point, the vestry may choose to spend a certain percentage of the interest only thus allowing the fund to grow as per Episcopal Church Foundation Guidelines.   

If you are thinking of leaving a bequest to Advent, please consider giving it to the Endowment fund to insure your gift will be used for the long term benefit of the Church.

Please keep in your prayers:
Our Congregation:   Jerry Fuller, Janet Gilmore, Carol & John Waller, Charlotte Befay, Jeanne and Charley Keenan, Hank Mudgett, Margaret Scott, Elaine Christansen  
Our friends:  Dan Olsen, Nancy Dickerson, Bryan Rider, Rylee Hale, Jackie and Malcolm Tuthill, Bruce Teare, Daniel Rosson,, Kimberly Morton, Eleanor, David Dylewicz, and the Cubbages.
Birthdays and Anniversaries

August  Birthdays:
Charles Keenan 08-06
Charlotte Befay (08-20)
Donna Ellis (08-27)

August  Anniversaries
Evelyn & David Long (08-10)
Marilyn McGuane & Bob Schwartz (08-15)

If you have a birthday and/or anniversary that you would like us to recognize, please get the information to the office.  Just call 251-961-2505.
Ministry Schedule 

August 13
August 20
Greeter & Usher:   
Linda & Bill Alumbaugh
Cheryl & Warren Josephson
Eucharistic Minister
John Corbett
Kenny Lomers
John Corbett
Warren Josephson
Prayers of the People:
Jan Corbett
Jean Ray
Sharon Paine
Marilyn McGuane

Please note:  If you are unable to make your scheduled day, please find a substitute.
A bit of humor from Rachael

 Week 4 of a series:  The Bible: Through the eyes of a child
Here's our version of the stories of the Bible if they were to be told by a child:

Solomon   One of David's sons was called Solomon.  He had, like, 300 wives and 500 porcupines.  They told us in Sunday School that he was a really wise man, but that doesn't sound too wise to me.

Jonah and other prophets
After Solomon cane a whole lot of major league prophets.  Jonah was one of them.  He was swallowed by a whale, then barfed up on the beach.  
There were some other minor league prophets, but they weren't too important.

The middle-aged man was shuffling along, bent over at the waist, as his wife helped him into the doctor's waiting room.
A woman in the office viewed the scene in sympathy. 
    "Arthritis with complications?" she asked. 
The wife shook her head, "Do-it-yourself," she explained, "with concrete blocks." 

The Mission Statement of the Episcopal Church of the Advent is to provide opportunities for worship, fellowship, joy, spiritual growth and community service, all for the love of God.

Vestry, Church Staff and Diocese

Jean Ray - Sr. Warden
Kenny Lomers - Jr. Warden
Kathy Cunningham - Vestry Clerk
Don Lewis
Gloria Sims
Sandy Dorsett

Church Staff and Treasurer
Rachael Johnston - Parish Administrator
Cheryl Josephson, Treasurer
The Rev. Mark W. McDonald - Vicar

Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast
The Rt. Rev. J. Russell Kendrick

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