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July 6, 2017, Vol. 124

Weekly Calendar
Upcoming Events
Sunday, July 9
Choir practice: 8:30a
Holy Eucharist:  10:00a
Monday, July 10
Contemplative Prayer Group: 11:00a

Tuesday, July 11
Executive Committee 8:30a
Men's Group at noon

Wednesday, July 12
HE and Healing Service:  12:00p
BBQ & Blues Planning Meeting: 5:00p 

Tuesday, July 18
Vestry Meeting 8:30a

Wednesday, July 19
DOK Meeting 11:00a

Friday, August 18
Women at the Well Concert TBD

Advent's Calendar of Events
 It's time!   The first planning meeting for this year's BBQ & Blues will be held in Hovde Hall on Wednesday, July 12, at 5:00pm.    PLEASE plan to attend.  Our chairperson for this year's event is Joe Dorsett and we welcome all COTA folks to give us your ideas for another successful event. 
Remember, this is a major funding event for the church and we need this year to be extra special! 
The date for BBQ & Blues is set for October 21, so let's get going!  Lots to do!!
Women at the Well Musical Presentation performed by
      B & B on the Rock
Friday, August 18th at the Episcopal Church of the Advent. Please save the date!

About Women at the Well
Women at the Well is a musical meditation, a concert, and an experience: A collection of songs written from the points of view of some of Christ's women disciples.  Since the inception of the program in 2000, musicians/songwriters Brenda DeKeyzer Lowry and Joshua "Bubba" Murrell have presented their original music in churches, parish halls, private homes, retreats and beyond.  They perform as B & B on the Rock.
Who were the women who followed Christ? Mary sings her baby to sleep and sings of the Universal Miracle of Birth. The woman whose faith led her to touch Christ's cloak to receive healing shares her discovery of the power of love.  The adulterous woman who was to have been stoned recognizes what real love is.  The unnamed woman who baked the bread for the Last Supper shows us how all gifts are important, and we are all miracles. You will hear from the woman at the well in a blues song as well as from the women waiting at the cross.
These disciples, and many others, tell their story through song. Some are quietly contemplative; others elicit laughs and the urge to dance along. All encourage introspection, thought, and a realization that we have a lot in common with these women of 2,000 years ago.
Walk the path with us and enjoy the music of B & B on the Rock as they present Women at the Well at Advent Church, Friday August 18.
For more information on this musical presentation by B & B on the Rock please visit their website at:
Please keep in your prayers:
Our Congregation:  Jerry Fuller, Janet Gilmore, Carol & John Waller, Charlotte Befay, Jeanne and Charley Keenan, Hank Mudgett, Margaret Scott, Joe Dorsett,   
Our friends: Nancy Dickerson, Bryan Rider, Rylee Hale, Bruce Teare, Daniel Rosson, Sara Jane Mitchell, Kimberly Morton, Scott and Casey Ellyson, Eleanor, and the Cubbages.

(Note:  As a new month comes in, please review the Prayer List and advise the office of anyone who can now be removed, or of anyone you would like to add.)
Birthdays and Anniversaries
July Birthdays:
Linda Weaver-Melton (07-01)
Keith Moore (07-07)
Evelyn Long (07-11)
Charles McDonald (07-16)
Don Lewis (07-18)
Hazen Mudgett (07-23)
Lauren Moore (07-28)

July Anniversaries
Donna & Dennis Ellis (07-02)

If you have a birthday and/or anniversary that you would like us to recognize, please get the information to the office.  Just call 251-961-2505.
Ministry Schedule 

July 9 July 16
Greeter & Usher:   
Pamela & Paul LaBrosse Kay & Buzz Lohmiller
Eucharistic Minister
Kenny Lomers John Corbett
Billy Cunningham John Corbett
Prayers of the People:
Kathy Cunningham Jan Corbett
Marilyn McGuane Priscilla Condon

Please note:  If you are unable to make your scheduled day, please find a substitute.
A bit of humor from Rachael

    A site foreman had ten very lazy men working for him, so one day he decided to trick them into doing some work for a change.
    "I've got a really easy job today for the laziest one among you," he announced. "Will the laziest man please put his hand up."
    Nine hands went up.
    "Why didn't you put your hand up?" he asked the tenth man.
    "Too much trouble," came the reply.

    After years of scrimping and saving, a husband told his wife the good news: "Honey, we've finally saved enough money to buy what we started saving for in 1989."
    "You mean a brand-new Cadillac?" she asked eagerly.
    "No," said the husband, "a 1989 Cadillac."



The Mission Statement of the Episcopal Church of the Advent is to provide opportunities for worship, fellowship, joy, spiritual growth and community service, all for the love of God.

Vestry, Church Staff and Diocese

Jean Ray - Sr. Warden
Kenny Lomers - Jr. Warden
Kathy Cunningham - Vestry Clerk
Don Lewis
Gloria Sims
Sandy Dorsett

Church Staff and Treasurer
Rachael Johnston - Parish Administrator
Cheryl Josephson, Treasurer
The Rev. Mark W. McDonald - Vicar

Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast
The Rt. Rev. J. Russell Kendrick

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