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February 13, 2012

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 Advertiser Perceptions Announces Highest Rated Media Brands


Two Waves of Advertiser Research and Thousands of Advertiser Interviews Recognize Media Brand Leaders


NEW YORK (February 13, 2012) - Advertiser Perceptions (, the leader in research-based advertiser insight, announces the 2011 Advertiser Perceptions Highest Rated Media Brand awards. All based on what advertisers think, a mix of 25 websites, magazines, television networks, mobile sites and digital ad networks took top honors as the Highest Rated Media Brands.Highest Rated Media Logo


Every spring and fall, Advertiser Perceptions surveys thousands of leading advertisers (agencies and marketers) in the United States to gather their opinions and perceptions of the media brands they are considering for advertising. Through the Advertiser Intelligence Reports (AIR), these advertiser opinions provide the basis for insight-metrics used to gauge media brand and media company performance. The media brands and company that rank highest for each insight-metric and that possess a minimum required level of advertiser consideration are selected as the highest rated media brands.


This year's Advertiser Perceptions Highest Rated Media Brand Awards are based on the average of AIR Waves 15 and 16 ratings by medium for the following insight-metrics: Brand Strength, Sales Knowledge, Customer Service, Advertiser Satisfaction and overall Media Company.


The Advertiser Perceptions Highest Rated Media Brands...


OVERALL - MEDIA COMPANY (25+ media companies)

Highest Rated Media Company - ABC


PRINT (120+ magazines and national newspapers measured)

Brand Strength - People* 

Sales Knowledge - Real Simple
Customer Service - Food and Wine

Advertiser Satisfaction - Sports Illustrated


DIGITAL (200+ websites and portals measured)

Brand Strength - Facebook 

Sales Knowledge -

Customer Service - Yelp

Advertiser Satisfaction -


CABLE TELEVISION (75+ cable networks measured)

Brand Strength - ESPN* 

Sales Knowledge - HGTV

Customer Service - Food Network*

Advertiser Satisfaction - Comedy Central


BROADCAST TELEVISION (all are measured)

Brand Strength - ABC* 

Sales Knowledge - ABC

Customer Service - CBS*

Advertiser Satisfaction - FOX


MOBILE (50+ websites and portals measured)

Brand Strength - YouTube 

Sales Knowledge - NFL*

Customer Service - CNN

Advertiser Satisfaction - The Weather Channel


AD NETWORKS (50+ ad networks measured)

Brand Strength - Google Display Network* 

Sales Knowledge - Collective

Customer Service - Specific Media

Advertiser Satisfaction - YuMe


*  Indicates Highest Rated Media Brand for same insight-metric in prior year


Advertiser Perceptions is the leader in providing the media industry with research-based, advertiser insight and guidance necessary for strengthening brands and increasing advertising sales, market share and competitive advantage. We specialize in determining, analyzing and communicating what advertisers think - their plans, opinions and motivations.


Our proprietary database of media decision makers is one of the largest in the world. The advertiser survey and questionnaire development process that we employ ensures optimal response. Focus and media industry expertise enables us to effectively analyze and accurately interpret the research that we conduct on behalf of our clients, who represent many of the largest international media companies.









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