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February, 2011
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Dan Griffin

Your Aflac Agent 

 Dan Griffin

Contact Information


Daniel Griffin - DSC

Office: (925) 225-9900

Cell: (925) 639-3693

Fax: (925) 293-0113



Contact: Rebecca Haney

Office: (925) 463-0990

Fax: (925) 369-0429


Aflac Claims - How Long Do I Have to File? 

Did you know that Aflac has no time limit on processing Claims and Wellness Benefits? That's right! Unlike most insurance companies, Aflac doesn't put a time limit on filing for ANY claim, even your Wellness Benefits!


Rebecca Haney is the Claims Specialist at my office and she can assist you in getting your claims taken care of, no matter how long ago they are from. She can also let you know if you have any wellness benefits available to you. 


Send Rebecca an e-mail with your full name, place of employment and date of birth and she can help you get things going!



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Search no further! Aflac Represenatives are Independant Agents and  OWN THEIR OWN BUSINESS!


That means you set your own schedule and work on your own terms. Want to learn more? Follow the link below to get more information about becoming an agent.


Let Your Career Take Flight!


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I hope this newsletter finds you in good health!


Being in good health plays a major role in helping you enjoy your life.  Without good health it's very difficult to work and if you can't work it will be a struggle to provide the things that you and your family need. An unexpected injury or illness can quickly put any of us in a tough financial spot. That's why your choice to enroll in Aflac was very wise!

In this newsletter you will find relevant articles on what's new with Aflac, the Health Care Industry, and valuable information to help you get the most out of your Aflac coverage.


The newsletter also will provide you with information on how to get in touch with my office if you need help filing claims or would like to review your policies.

Stay in good health and once again thank you for being a member of the Aflac Family!




Daniel H. Griffin
Aflac District Sales Coordinator

Aflac Voluntarily Expands Coverage for Dependent Children

Up To 26.


Aflac is voluntarily expanding coverage for dependent children to age 26 regardless of any other age, education, marital, or Internal Revenue Service requirements for dependent children that may be contained in your insurance policy.  This change is effective October 1, 2010, and will apply to losses that occur on or after October 1, 2010.


This change does not waive any other policy provision. Benefits are subject to all limitations and exclusions, pre-existing conditions, and other provisions of the policy. Health care reform was intended to ensure that all Americans are protected by major medical insurance. Because Aflac is not major medical insurance, most aspects of the reform do not apply to our policies.


We are in the process of updating all our materials to include this new language change. Until the materials are approved, the product brochure, policy, and application may contain the prior dependent child language. Beginning November, 13, 2010, policy language will include this change.


What Do I Need To Do?


New Aflac Applicants

If you complete an application and are issued a policy with family (one-parent or two-parent) coverage, coverage for your dependent children will automatically continue to age 26 without any continuing education, marriage, or IRS dependency requirements.


Existing Aflac Policyholders

If you do not currently own an Aflac policy, but would like to apply for coverage, please contact your Aflac associate to apply for coverage for you and all of your dependents under age 26.


If you own an Aflac policy with family coverage and your children are currently covered, no action is required by you. You will be notified when the updated policy language is available. Your premium will not increase.  


If you own an Aflac policy with family coverage but have additional children under age 26 who were never covered under your policy but you would like to add coverage for those children, you must apply and pass underwriting to add the child(ren) to your existing policy. Please contact your Aflac associate to complete the appropriate addition form.


If you own an Aflac policy that does not currently cover dependents you must apply to add the child(ren) to your existing policy. Please contact your Aflac associate to complete the appropriate addition form. 


If your premium is deducted on a pre-tax basis, this change may be considered an acceptable change in status event according to Section 125 guidelines. To make changes to your plan, you must follow your employer's guidelines.  



Source: Aflac's Age 26 flier - document # M1739


Share Aflac With Your Loved Ones

Even though most people have heard of Aflac most do not understand how Aflac can help by providing cash when they need it most.


Most people tend to be caught off guard when they have a health event that leaves them with a lot of "out of pocket" medical expenses and an impact to their paycheck while they are in the hospital or at home recovering.


Aflac plans are specifically designed to send cash directly back to the individual and family to help them.


Therefore let your inner circle know about the choice you made and how easy it can be for them to get the same coverage. Your friends and family will be glad you asked them and had the ability to give them a solution!


All it takes is to start asking a simple question to your clients, your family, and your friends:


 "If you were to get sick or injured and could not work for a while, what do you have in place to put cash in your pocket  while your recovering?"


Now That Shows You Care!
You can  email or call me with the names and phone #'s of those you care about.

Thank You!

Call or email  me if you would like to review your Aflac policies and their benefits. Your personal life may have changed therefore it is important that you make sure your coverage is up to date.


Your Personal Aflac Agent


Daniel H.  Griffin