Special Edition - April 8,  2013
Field Merger Announcement - Regional Director Filimao Chambo
I am pleased to announce the merger of the Horn of Africa and Africa East Fields. As we continue to review our structures on the region toward effective and efficient mission, the realignment of these fields became necessary.

The Church of the Nazarene began ministry in the Horn of Africa in 1992. Dr. Harmon and Beverly Schmelzenbach III, pioneered the work in Ethiopia, which became a launching pad in years to come to enter other countries of the Horn. When the work began, the Horn of Africa was part of the Africa East Field and mission coordinators for the Horn of Africa were appointed. In 2002, under the leadership of Dr. Howie (Beverly) Shute, who served as Mission Coordinator at the time, the Horn of Africa Field was created. With his vision for a holiness church planting movement and under his leadership, the church grew at a tremendous pace. Hundreds of churches were started in Ethiopia and other countries of the Horn. In 2008, Rev. Ermias Choliye assumed leadership as the field strategy coordinator and continued with the vision for holiness church planting.

Recently, Rev. Ermias Choliye announced his resignation as Field Strategy Coordinator of the Horn of Africa Field effective April 2013. He stated: "In 2011 the Regional Director announced plans to realign
Rev. Ermias Choliye
the field structures. This included the realignment of the Horn of Africa and Africa East Field. As we began to pray about this, we felt released from the Field Strategy Coordination role. We sensed God directing us to continue to serve in missions, but not in an administrative role. In 2012, my wife and I began the conversation with the Regional Director about plans to resign from this assignment and transition to another role. We feel called to make disciples of Jesus Christ in unreached people groups. I am also interested in pursuing further studies, specializing in ministry to unreached and unengaged people groups. Therefore, I have resigned as FSC of Horn of Africa Field. This decision was made prayerfully and after much consultation with the Regional Director. It has been a privilege to serve as FSC of HOA Field since 2008. We learned so much from all those that we were serving with. Thank you to the church for allowing us to serve in this capacity. We pledge our support to future leadership and strategy for the work in the Horn of Africa. We look forward to beginning a new chapter in missions.We are very happy again to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with this new strategy as one field under Nairobi office leadership and structure."

We are in a time of another transition. The Horn of Africa will once again return to be a
Rev. Don Gardner
part of the Africa East Field under the leadership of Rev. Don (Evie) Gardner. The Gardeners have served as missionaries for the past 22 years. Don has served as Field Strategy Coordinator for Africa East Field since 2001. They are excellent and godly leaders. I am confident that the Africa East Field will continue to grow in all areas.


Amy Crofford, Out of Africa editor