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African Odysseys Ola Balogun Season 5/6 August

Discover the non-fiction work of Ola Balogun, from one of the earliest surviving B&W documentaries 

Eastern Nigeria Revisited 
Nigeria 1973. Dir Ola Balogun. 23min
One of the earliest surviving docs of Balogun’s investigates Eastern Nigeria‘s condition shortly after the Biafran War.

+ River Niger, Black Mother 
Nigeria-France 1989. Dir Ola Balogun. 45min Balogun celebrates the cultures that blossomed along the River Niger.

+ The Magic of Nigeria 
Nigeria-France 1993. Dir Ola Balogun. 29min In his last work shot on 16mm, Balogun presents the heights of Nigerian art and culture.

10 Years of African Odysseys double bill . Saturday 15 July 2-5pm
Besouro. A legendary Brazilian revolutionary uses spirituality and his African martial arts skills to fight for his people. . Tickets HERE

CANCELLED: Dr Strange Black History movie breakdown
Fridays 14th and 21st July

10 Years of African Odysseys double bill . Saturday 15 July 2-5pm
Boy 23. Incredible true story of African resistance in Brazil . Tickets HERE

African Odysseys Ola Balogun's season 5/6 August

Balogun’s vision of a truly revolutionary ‘pan-African‘ film adapts Kenian author Meja Mwangi’s novel Carcase for Hounds. Kingsley, a captain of the British army, and the rebel leader Haraka, who have known each other a long time, continue their relentless confrontation during the uprising of Haraka’s Guerrilla army. Tickets HERE

 Amazing James Baldwin Course Wednesdays from  13 September 6.30-8.30pm. Tickets HERE

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