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After Enlightenment-Then What?
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There are at this very moment many people throughout the world following many different spiritual paths they hope will bring them to what they believe is the very end of the spiritual rainbow --- Enlightenment.

People traveling the various paths to Enlightenment feel that if they can achieve it, then they have achieved the Ultimate human experience.  Enlightenment, in its truest description, goes beyond intellectual comprehension of the experience. It is not about seeking God, speculating, or theologically theorizing about God or Ultimate Beingness. Enlightenment means the firsthand, intimate, mystical experience of God Presence or Oneness with the Universe. It is beingness with Ultimate Beingness itself --- in consciousness at its innermost center yet also to its outer reaches universally.   

If all that is being stated is accurate, it would indeed seem that experiencing Enlightenment would be the end of a journey through countless lifetimes for the soul, the individualized expression of Ultimate Beingness, Consciousness, Spirit or God.  What else is there? If, in the next moment, one would suddenly experience Enlightenment, would life come to an abrupt halt?  Would one's soul be swallowed up by an infinite field of light, with one's physical body vanishing as a result? 


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