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When the Water Subsides
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When the Water Subsides





    2015 ended a whole lot wetter in St. Louis than any of us expected.  Above is early view of the 44/141 intersection in Fenton, about a mile west of the Aschinger office.  We are luckily dry, but unfortunately, many are not.


     Water and electricity DO NOT MIX!  When the flood waters subside, it is important to remember the following:


     1)  Treat all electrical lines and equipment as if they are energized, until they are proven otherwise.  Do not touch flooded or downed electrical lines or equipment.


    2)  Once the water has subsided, do not use electrical equipment, receptacles, lighting or appliances that have been wet or submerged under water.


    3)  Have your electrical system and equipment evaluated by an experienced electrical contractor.  A guide to determine which electrical equipment can be reconditioned and which components should be replaced can be found here.


   Our experienced Service Managers and Service Electricians can help you review your electrical system and get you back up and running for a great start to 2016.   


   My hope for all of you is a happy, prosperous, and safe New Year.



Thanks for reading!


Emily Martin


  Washington University
Hillman Hall


Isn't this a gorgeous lighting installation?
Engineered by
Eric Aschinger, and installed under the supervision of Pat French and Pat Smith.