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Whether it's tuna, tacos, or taking a closer look at the hidden sources of salt in your diet -- today's BetterThanDieting Digest will give you some great ideas you'll surely want to share with your BFFs (please do!)

Warmest wishes to you and yours for happy, healthy holidays. 


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9 Ways to Take Canned Tuna to the Next Level 

I get it...your go-to mayo-filled tuna salad just doesn't cut it anymore. 

Although eating canned tuna is one of the most affordable ways to get lean protein and an array of important nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids (which support your heart health and mood) and potassium  (which helps maintain healthy blood pressure), you might be fishing for something a little more exciting at mealtime. 

So to help you add some spice to your weekly menu, I asked a few of my colleagues to think outside the can and share some of their favorite ways to prepare tuna.

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How to Make Healthier (and Tastier)  Nachos!

Whether its Taco Tuesday or Need-A-Nacho Day (BTW - I just made that up), there is never a wrong time to have tacos on the menu. But since taco toppings can add up to a calorie overload...you can follow these sneaky and simple tips on NBC BETTER to save calories without compromising taste! 

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Healthy Foods High in Sodium

Foods high in salt are designed to appeal to our tastebuds, making us crave it even more. There’s a lot of hidden sources of sodium, lurking within some surprisingly healthy foods. But don’t be shaken! My interview in Women's Health will uncover those sneaky sources for you!

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