News from the Southington Public Library
Afternoon Book Discussion with Librarian Michelle Lord
Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf
Wednesday, September 20th at 2:30 p.m.
Here's what author Beth Kephart had to say about Our Souls at Night in her review for the Chicago Tribune:

Our Souls at Night,
published posthumously, is the story of two acquaintances, both of them widowed and older, who decide to spend their lonesome nights together. "I wonder if you would come and sleep in the night with me. And talk," Addie Moore says, right up front, to her near neighbor Louis Waters. Louis isn't altogether certain he has heard her right, but Addie makes herself clear. She's not looking for sex. She's looking for a companion. Better than sleeping pills. Better than the condemnation of solitary quiet. Right?

In wind-swept stories celebrating unlikely heroes, Haruf whispered to us about the ties that bind, the power of sky and the tender trespasses forged between the old and young. He left his sentences unadorned, his dialogue unmarked, his vocabulary elegantly plain. He used the word "and" in an infinitude of ways - to build momentum, to sequence an afternoon, to start a novel. He made us believe in a place called Holt County, Colo. He elevated the idea of, in his words, "the precious ordinary." He taught us, again and again, that being afforded the chance to give is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

Copies of the book are available at the Reference Desk.