Here is a summary of some of the dairy promotion activities and events across the state in the past month. If you need information about events or materials, please contact Sarah-Baker Walker.
Alabama Dairy Farmer Talks Tech at South by Southwest Conference
In March, Alabama dairy farmer Will Gilmer represented dairy farmers from the Southeast at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas. SXSW is an event that brings together people from around the globe to celebrate music, film and technology. DMI invited Gilmer and nine other dairy farmers from across the county to participate in the festival and talk to consumers about technology in the dairy field.  Click here to read more about the event.
Photo: Alabama dairy farmer Will Gilmer participates in the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas.  
Dairy Promoted at Alabama Dietetic Association Meeting
On March 1-3, the Alabama Dietetic Association held their annual conference in Birmingham and SUDIA hosted the welcome reception and provided a guest speaker. Lauren Silvio, a sports dietitian for Auburn University, spoke to over 75 attendees about the role of dairy in the diets of Auburn athletes. Silvio focuses on the football players and how they can refuel after games, workouts and practices. She recommends protein options from nonmeat sources and reports that milk, yogurt and cheese are their favorite choices. Staff members Mary Martin Nordness, Jana Miller and Laura Marbury were in attendance to network with dietitians from across the state and share more information about the health benefits of dairy.

Photo: Staff member Laura Marbury (right) meets with Alabama Dietetic Association President Tammy Beasley at the Alabama Dietetic Association meeting. 
Birmingham City Schools Get a Closer Look at Fuel Up to Play 60
In February, staff member Jana Miller met with over 100 physical and health education teachers from Birmingham City Schools to tell them about the Fuel Up to Play 60 program and the role of dairy in the health and wellness of students.  Miller explained the basics of the program, answered questions and provided materials to the teachers to help them implement the program in their gyms and classrooms.
School Nutrition Association Leaders Learn About School Dairy Programs
On February 17 at the 54th annual Alabama School Nutrition Association Conference in Birmingham, staff member Cathi deVeer led an in-service training session and provided an overview of SUDIA school dairy programs and shared tips on how to get these programs implemented. DeVeer also participated in the conference and shared dairy promotion materials and resources. Over 75 child nutrition directors from across the state were in attendance.

Photo: Staffer Cathi deVeer highlights school dairy programs at the Alabama School Nutrition Association Conference.