February 22, 2017
Vol. 4, Issue 4
Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board
Dr. Yvonne Katz
District 7

Vice Chair
Marcelo Casillas
District 4

Dr. Gene Sprague
District 6

Asst. Secretary
Denver McClendon
District 2

Joe Alderete, Jr.
District 1

Anna U. Bustamante
District 3

Roberto Zarate
District 5

Clint Kingsbery
District 8

James Rindfuss
District 9

Emmanuel Nyong
Student Trustee


Dr. Bruce Leslie
Alamo Colleges
Alamo Colleges District - San Antonio College Nets Two Online Excellence Awards for Programs
Alamo Colleges District - San Antonio College has been
recognized for excellence in its online programs.
Alamo Colleges District - San Antonio College (SAC) has been named one of the nation's best colleges for online learning by Affordable Colleges Online (ACO), a leader in higher education information, resources and rankings. SAC was recognized for two awards by ACO, which generated their rankings by analyzing cost and quality metrics of thousands of U.S. colleges with online degree programs. 

The awards were for the Best Online RN Degree Programs and the Best Online Associates Degree Programs. Only public, not-for-profit institutions were eligible for the ranking. The primary data points used to identify the Best Online Colleges of 2016 include the following:
* Regional accreditation
* In-state tuition and fees
* Percent of full-time undergraduate students receiving institutional financial aid
* Number of online programs offered
* Student-to-teacher ratio

"We wanted to honor the colleges and universities setting the bar for online learning," said Dan Schuessler, CEO and founder of "These schools are going above and beyond the industry standard to help make online education programs more affordable."

Alamo Colleges District - Palo Alto College Professor Brings History to Life with Oral History Project
Alamo Colleges District - Palo Alto College history professor Peter Myers' oral history project will be featured in the San Antonio Tricentennial celebration.

Each semester, Alamo Colleges District - Palo Alto College (PAC) history professor Peter Myers offers a unique class project to engage students in learning about history. Myers assigns oral history projects in which students interview older individuals - such as grandparents or neighbors - to help personalize events from the past.

Dating back to 2001, Myers began tasking students with interviewing an individual over age 60 about one of a number of topics, ranging from "Growing up in San Antonio" to "the Great Depression" to "Vanishing Occupations." At the end of each semester, the projects are added to an online collection, which has become a broad assortment of stories about the average 20th century American, many of whom lived here in San Antonio. In Fall 2016, Myers' catalog of oral history projects was selected to be featured in the 2018 Tricentennial celebration when San Antonio will celebrate its 300th birthday.

"Nothing has been more rewarding in my many years of teaching than having students do oral history. All the history omitted from the traditional textbook is alive and well when students go beyond the large sweep of the past," said Myers.

The project empowers students to identify the stories they want to learn about, which is a different approach from solely relying on the textbook. By the end of the project, Myers said that many students change their attitudes toward history.

For former students like Cindy Morgan, the oral history project opened her eyes to the struggles her father faced growing up poor on a farm in Mississippi during the Great Depression. She was surprised to learn that her father never saw a doctor until he joined the U.S. Air Force at age 18.

"I was one of those kids growing up who was like 'Why do I have to learn about the past? I don't want to know about the past.' But there are reasons," said Morgan. "[The oral history project] pulls you in to understand that history is important. Having something documented also helped me realize why we have to learn about history."

St. Philip's College faculty member Dr. Gregory Hudspeth has been named chair of the San Antonio NAACP Fair Housing Committee.

Alamo Colleges District - St. Philip's College Faculty Member Chairs Fair Housing Committee

Alamo Colleges District - St. Philip's College (SPC) faculty member Dr. Gregory Hudspeth has been selected as chair of the San Antonio National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's (NAACP) Fair Housing Committee. This committee is concerned with housing discrimination in Bexar County. 

On October 15, 2016, Hudspeth was selected to serve on the San Antonio NAACP board of directors. Hudspeth, a 39-year associate professor of government and 2011-2012 faculty senate president, was recognized as a Silver Life Membership civil rights award recipient by the leaders of the San Antonio NAACP in 2011.

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