July 21, 2016
Vol. 3, Issue 23
Board of Trustees

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Dr. Yvonne Katz
District 7

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Marcelo Casillas
District 4

Dr. Gene Sprague
District 6

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Denver McClendon
District 2

Joe Alderete, Jr.
District 1

Anna U. Bustamante
District 3

Roberto Zarate
District 5

Clint Kingsbery
District 8

James Rindfuss
District 9

Emmanuel Nyong
Student Trustee


Dr. Bruce Leslie
Alamo Colleges
Alamo Colleges-Northeast Lakeview College Students Finalize Research Projects
NLC student Tara Trial and NLC Chemistry Instructor Marsha Adrian consult on Trial's CIMA summer research project.

Students in the Ciencia, Ingenieria, y Matematicas Aliados (CIMA) Summer Research Program at Alamo Colleges - Northeast Lakeview College (NLC) finalized their research and are compiling results on the topic of Synthesis, Characterization and Structure of Copper(II) and Zinc Complexes with Potential Antitumor Properties (cancer research). They worked 40 hours a week for 5 weeks this summer conducting scientific research.

While the CIMA Program is district-wide, the research being conducted at NLC is unique to CIMA as the program is not typically hosted at the community college level. The project is funded through the CIMA LSAMP grant with the goal of assisting in increasing the number of students transferring into and successfully completing high-quality degree programs in science (non-medical) technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), specifically in underrepresented populations. Full-time students completing the program receive a $1,500 stipend. NLC is the only one of the Alamo Colleges that is a member of the Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR).

Alamo Colleges - Northwest Vista College Graduates' Work Published in International Research Journals
NVC alumni Andre Childs was recently published in the international Journal of Raman Spectroscopy.

Two Alamo Colleges - Northwest Vista College (NVC) alumni and recent UTSA graduates are making waves in the international research field. Andre Childs was recently published in the Journal of Raman Spectroscopy and Jay Giuliani authored an article that was published in the Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry.

Qiaoying Zhou, Ph.D., NVC engineering coordinator, who previously taught both Childs and Guiliani, said being published so young in their academic careers is an achievement. "It is very exciting to have a publication as an undergraduate student," she said. "Their achievements in the research arena show that students don't have to go to Ivy League institutions just to get noticed."

Guiliani said attending NVC definitely gave him the boost that he needed. "Dr. Zhou and NVC's STEM programs gave me a broad introduction to various topics in cutting-edge technology, which was instrumental in helping me open doors that I believe would have otherwise been difficult to open," said Guiliani. "I am now doing my Ph.D. studies in physics at UTSA, and I credit NVC for giving me a good start on this journey."

SAC's Scobee Education Center received grant funds from
NASA to create a Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites program.

Alamo Colleges - San Antonio College Scobee Education Center Nets NASA Consortium Grant

Alamo Colleges - San Antonio College's (SAC) Scobee Education Center is part of an educational consortium led by the Wex Foundation and the University of Texas at San Antonio's Prefreshman Engineering Program that received a $1.24 million NASA grant to develop Space-STEM education projects. 

At SAC, the grant will be used to create a Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites (LCATS) program for science investigations, space exploration mission operations, and habitability system architectures for Space STEM learning performance. LCATS goals include preparing and encouraging underrepresented minorities, female and economically disadvantaged students to pursue higher education and careers in human space exploration. Other partners in the group include the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Education, Steuck & Associates, and Southwest Research Institute.

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