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Spring is in the air and hopefully your fly boxes are full and rods poised in anticipation of the upcoming season....




Our April monthly meeting will not be on Monday, April 1st (no joke!). Instead, the annual fund-raising auction will be the center of attention for April.


Please join us for a night of fun and good deals at the Millenium Hotel, usual room, plus others. And remember, bid high and bid often!



See you at the Annual Fundraising Auction!

Annual Fundraising Auction
 stock reel photo
Be sure to join other fly fishing enthusiasts on Friday, April 12 for our annual fund raising auction. This is the one evening each year we set aside to bring to you several rooms and literally hundreds of items for you to purchase, including trips, gear, clothing and more. Check out the cash and carry, the silent auction, the raffles and of course the spirited live auction.  
Date? April 12
Time?  Registration: 4:30.  Doors open: 5:00.   Live auction: 7:00
Place?  Millenium Hotel, Redington Ballroom plus more!
Reason? Fund raising for all the cool stuff we do!
from Rich Johnson

The AFF Fly Fishing Seminar 

April 8th, 15th, 23rd, and 29th


Though the actual function is more than two months away, now is the time to start thinking about promoting this annual event.

The small poster and the pre-registration flyer are available online as a PDF you can download and post anywhere you feel is appropriate. Visit www.akflyfishers.net and follow the links for the Seminar. The small poster is letter size and will print out in color. The pre-registration form is in a 2-up format so you can share with a friend.



Volunteers Needed for the 2013 Spring Seminar


Monday, April 8th                                                 7:45 to 8:30PM

KNOTS - The last half of the first session is a hands-on clinic on the knots used in a fly fishing system. The handbook shows a few of the most basic, from the backing to the fly. The club provides string, monofilament, and hooks; you simply demonstrate and teach the knots you use fishing.


Monday, April 15th                                                 6:30 - 8:30PM

FLY TYING - Demonstration and hands-on instruction for tying patterns that catch fish.  The seminar handbook shows and discusses 26 general fly patterns but we want you to tie what you fish with. Fly tyers of all skill levels are requested. This is one of the most popular sessions.


Monday, April 29th                                                 6:30 - 8:30PM

FLY CASTING - Again, this is a session that can use all levels of proficiency. The people that attend the seminar need to know that fly casting is an ongoing learning process, and that you can be successful fishing without being a master caster. You will need to bring a balanced outfit including an old leader. The club will provide yarn to represent the fly. Casting will be done outside, so plan on dressing warm.



The first three evenings will be held at the BP Energy Center; the casting clinic on May 14th will be held at the main BP Bldg, Conference Room C.


Mark these dates on your calendar and plan on being at the Seminar to lend a helping hand to someone new to our sport.


The fly fishing seminar is a success due to individual club members giving of their time and energy. Seminar attendees tell us every year that it is the interaction with our regular members that they enjoy the most. Please plan on helping educate a new, budding fly fisher, and contribute back to your club.


If you are planning to help, contact Rich Johnson at 243-1093 wk/ 243-1043 evenings/ 440-1830 cell, or by Email purnellphoto@gci.net


from Denise Tigert
Auction Help Needed!


Attention all you anglers looking for a bargain on gear and goodies. The AFF Annual Fundraising Auction is scheduled for Friday, 12 April 2012, and we are into our final few weeks of preparation. We really need two things:


1. Donations

a. Members who can donate used but serviceable gear should contact one of the volunteers listed below, to find out how to get the items to us.

b. Members who have gear that they wish to sell, rather than donate, and want to give AFF members first shot before it goes on Craigslist or eBay, should contact one of the volunteers to determine whether it's a fit for the auction and to make appropriate arrangements.

c. Members who know of someone or some business/organization that might donate something suitable should contact them soon. If it's a business or organization that might have donated in the past, the member should contact one of the volunteers to find out whether that organization has already been solicited. (Don't want to annoy donors by double-tapping them for donations.)

d. We would like to have all donations identified by 3 April, and delivered by 8 April.


2. Volunteers 

We still need additional volunteers to help us during the week of the auction and, especially, during the auction itself. If you are able to help - and/or are able to browbeat someone into helping - please let us know by e-mail, phone, or during the March meeting.

Thanks to all.




Denise Tigert alaskagirl49@gmail.com


from Jan Schnorr
PHW logo
March has been a busy month for Project Healing Waters.  Damond Blakenship is working with participants on rod-building and most rods should be completed within the next several weeks.  All rods are provided free of cost by Hook and Hackle through a special national Project Healing Waters program.  Upon completion of the rods, participants can submit them to Project Healing Waters as part of a national contest.  Winners receive special fishing trips.
PHW fish  
 Alaska Magazine Article Highlights 
Anchorage Project Healing Waters Program
Dave Atcheson, coordinator of the Alaska Kenai Fishing Academy, discusses "The Art of Fly Tying" and Project Healing Waters (PHW) in the April 2013 issue of Alaska Magazine. Dave talks about the thrill of catching trout on a fly you have tied.  In addition, he quotes Monty Williams, a master tyer, Alaska Fly Fishers member and PHW volunteer, about his tying experiences and his new found service passion with Project Healing Waters.  Other tyers including Stan Bissonette, Mike Harsh, and Frank Stevens talk about art versus functionality of flies.  Pick up a copy of the April issue; the article starts on page 44. 
PHW fish  
Service Ribbon Fundraiser
The Fly Fund Raiser is on schedule.  Thanks to our dedicated volunteers including Juan Aguilar, Stan Bissonette, Mike Harsh, Dave Rooker, Laura Orr, Ken Orr, Frank Stevens, JT Turner, and Monty Williams, we have 400 National Defense Service medal ribbon flies available as well as custom orders including shadow boxes. If you are interested in a fly for yourself or a military friend, you can contact Laura Orr at PHWAlaska@gmail.com. This fund raiser will continue until April 12, 2013 so please consider a donation to "Those Who Serve".   
  Shadow box
PHW fish  
Physical Therapy Program

Mike Malone is spearheading a special physical therapy program for PHW participants.During March Mike Harsh, Dave Rooker, and Dean Williams provided additional poolside assistance. This program teaches participants to cast and use float tubes under the supervision of their physical therapist.All activities take place at the Bartlett Pool on Wednesday afternoons through April. Casting improves shoulder strength and mobility while paddling in float tubes improves leg strength and mobility for individuals who have leg and back issues.We want to thank the staff from the Bartlett Pool for donating the pool time for our use. Please visit our Facebook page to see photos of these and other activities.

april 13

april 13-3

april 13-2


from Frank Stevens

Our tying area in the upstairs conference room at the  

William Hernandez Fish Hatchery on Reeve Blvd. is working out very well. Over 25 tiers are participating on the third Saturday of each month with 5 or 6 at the beginners' table.


As at the prior location, tying supplies are on site. This allows tying to begin at 9:00 a.m.  Please note, new hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Summer hours will remain the same.  Yes! Tying clinics are year 'round now!


As you use your flies, please come back, tie some more, refill your fly box and tell some fish tales!


Intruders were the fly of Month. Thanks to Rich for showing basic tying steps on this great pattern.  David filled in for Damond at the beginners' table with a group of new tiers.


Pudge was tying ants and stimulators at her table. It is always a nice addition to have her at the clinics when she is not traveling. 


Laura was collaborating with other ladies as she designed a new hatpin for Casting for Recovery.


Art gave us a lesson on married wings for a classic Atlantic fly.


Our next clinic is on April 20th with new hours 9 am to 3 pm


We are always looking for tiers to demonstrate a pattern or a tying skill.  Please contact me at akfrank@mtaonline.net or 907-694-3595


From the Bench to the River,


Frank Stevens

from Dick Long

Fly Tying Retreat on April 26-28


Plan to attend the Eleventh Annual Fly Tiers Retreat at  Beach Lake Lodge near Chugiak.    

Stuff your fly boxes, learn tying techniques, swap patterns and flies, plan fishing trips, and swap stories (or lies) with some of the best tiers in the world.


Daily rates per person:

Overnight Room and Board                        $65

Day rate with meals                                   $45


Note: RVs are not allowed to stay overnight.

Contact Dick Long for registration and additional information.  

868-8096 or llong@gci.net.  



Please make your reservation by April 15.



 by Bill Hauser

Back to the Basics...
April 2013  
It has been a while since I have had written about salmon life cycle. . . so here it goes. Fish come in two general categories: freshwater and saltwater. Right? Then, in which category do salmon belong? Salmon are among a very small fraternity of fishes that live in saltwater and migrate into freshwater to spawn. This behavior is known as anadromous. (Actually, there is strong evidence that salmon originated as freshwater fish and evolved the anadromous behavior to take advantage of the richer feeding opportunities of the ocean.)


To read the rest of Fish Talk 



Do you have a question for FISH TALK? 
Contact Bill at karelbill@gci.net



Bill recently published Fishes of the Last Frontier, Life Histories,Biology, Ecology, and Management of Alaska Fishes  and, previously, Letters from Alaska, The Inside to the Outside.

From the Tying Bench...  
As of the last general meeting, the results of the 
AFF Tying Contest are in:
Youth under 10:  
Wyatt Gage - frosted flesh
Murphy Kimball - woolly bugger

Jim Galea - Z-lon emerger
Jerry Wylie - golden cold stone
Chad Gage - buffet line
Jerry Wylie - pink Mary Ann
Art Peck - wonder wing
Art Peck - caddis pupae  
Art Peck - 30 incher
Monty Williams - green ghost  
Honorable Mention:  
Frank Stevens -  spring smolt     

Special congrats to Monty and Art for the tie vote in the People's Choice Awards.  
Monty's Winning Streak continues!
From Behind the Lens...
the results of the AFF Photo Contest are in:
Judges' Choice:  
Michael Schoder 
Mossy's Choice:  
Michael Schoder 
Peoples' Choice:  
 Doug Huffine
Spirit of Fly Fishing:
1st Place:  Michael Schoder
Honorable Mention:  Martha Peck
Just the Fish:  
1st Place:  Michael Schoder
Honorable mention:  Pudge Kleinkauff

Wildlife and Nature:  
1st Place: Jan Schnorr
Honorable Mention:  Neil Moomy

1st Place:  Rich Johnson
Honorable Mention:  Martha Peck

Thank you again to Mossy's Fly Shop and Cameraland NY 
for their generous support of the Alaska Fly Fisher's photo contest.
photo by David Paulson


Grayling - by David Hren

AFF member David Hren won "Best of Division" in this year's Fur Rondezvous carving contest. If you had the opportunity to see David's carving, you know what an incredible job he did! 

(photo by Dean Paulson)


"Somebody just back of you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl." 

-Ernest Hemingway




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Banner photo "Reeling Stoner"        by Gerry Balboni, 2011 Photo Contest

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The Great Alaska Sportsman Show wrapped up March 31.  Many thanks to Bob Wallick and the volunteers who donated their time at the AFF booth.


The Spring Seminar has nearly sold out and AFF gained many new members.  Well done!



Casting for Recovery

sandy - CFR

Casting for Recovery
 is offering fly fishing retreats to women who have had breast cancer.  Any woman, any stage, any age is encouraged to apply to attend a fun-filled weekend retreat focused on wellness through fly fishing.
This year's retreat is at North Star Camp
 near Willow, August 2-4. Please apply before May 26th.  For more information, please contact:   Heather Wolcoff 
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