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Reeling Stoner


by Bill Huber



Holy Cow, what an incredible winter we are having.  When I moved here in August 2012, everyone told me about the incredible amount of snow winter brings and how my first Alaska purchase should be a snow blower.  I guess my Outside friends just did not understand fly fishing in Alaska!  The first thing I did upon arrival was purchase a 4x4 truck and steered that rig right over to Mossy's Fly Shop and Mountain View Sports to purchase Simms waders and boots, wading staff, poly-pro underwear, fingerless gloves, a fishing license and anything else I could find to help catch Silvers and Rainbows in the fall. And I have continued to add to my fishing wardrobe but 'no' to my Outside friends' question on whether I have purchased the snow blower.  What snow?  


My first Alaska Fly Fishers meeting was July 2011 as I was here visiting my brother, Mark Huber.  Who would have guessed 3 � years later, you would ask me to be President of this great Club!  Over the past 18 months, I have seen the Alaska Fly Fishers club plan, organize, and execute activities like the Annual Picnic at Mirror Lake, the Kenai River Cleanup, and monthly forums to bring members together to advance our mission.  We are going to continue traveling many of these same paths of the past and we will create a few new ones for the future.  


Over the next several months, our activities include the February Photo Contest, March Fly Tying Contest, 2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour (March 20th at the Bear Tooth Theatre), The Great Alaska Sportsman Show (March 27-30th at the Sullivan Sport Arena), and The AFF Annual Auction (April 11th at the Millennium Hotel) just to mention a few.  On top of all this, everyone is preparing for the spring season by cleaning lines, waxing rods, sorting flies, repairing equipment, and preparing our portable fishing boxes.  A new year to test our skills! 


Our dedicated members who often double as volunteers are the crux of our Club's success.  Again this year we are calling on our members identify a club activity which best fits his or her passion.  We are looking for members to help our Event Coordinators to consider staffing our Sportsman Show Exhibit to collecting auction merchandise for our signature fundraiser.  Getting involved is as easy as contacting the Event Coordinators, commit to attending a few planning sessions, and then be part of the launch of the event.  There is nothing more rewarding than contributing your time and talent towards a successful event.  After all, the Alaska Fly Fishers Club is all about meeting people who are as passionate about fly fishing as you, educating others through our fund raising and instructions forums, and contributing to the preservation of our land and fishery resources for the future...there is no better way than getting hands-on!  Ideas wanted and welcomed! 


Over the next few months the Board of Directors is going to further initiatives to refresh our webpage, increase our social media engagement, and expand a web presence.  We are looking for better ways to communicate to our members. It's my hope that remodeling our tools will help recruit new members, and ultimately return greater value to our organization.  I am excited to serve on the Alaska Fly Fishers Board of Directors and privileged to serve with an incredibly talented group of volunteers.      


Until we meet again, keep those lines clean and fish on!


Bill Huber

AFF President


Millenium Alaskan Hotel
February 3, 7 p.m.  General Meeting
Millenium Alaskan Hotel
Pudge Kleinkauff
Pudge Kleinkauff - Fishing Sweden

The February Club Meeting will offer a slide show on Fly Fishing in Sweden presented by Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf the owner and operator of Women's Flyfishing�. Photos are from a 2013 International Fly Fishing trip Pudge hosted for six women from all over the US and one from Germany to the Ostersund area of Sweden last June.
Ostersund lies in the mid-section of the country amidst many, many rivers and lakes teeming with both brown trout and European Grayling. The group fished in 3 different locations, the last of which was near Rosson, the site of the 2013 Competition for the Swedish National Team Selections in Fly Fishing. This competition was the preparation for the International Fips Mouche (The International Fly Fishing Federation) European Fly Fishing Championship in the Jamtland region August 12th-18th, 2014.

Our group was honored to be the Special Guests of the competition and we were welcomed into the world of competition fly fishing, new to most of the group. Although our fish didn't "count" for the actual competition, we fished just as other competitors did with the same catch & release requirements, the same "beat" limitations the competitors had, a "controller" assigned to measure and release our fish, and the same time constraints for each of the three sessions of the 2-day event. It was very exciting and challenging.

Additionally, we were delighted to get a chance to meet with members of the Swedish Women's Fly Fishing club, several of whom had fished with Pudge on her 2006 trip to Swedish Lapland.



  AFF is Co-sponsoring the 
Fly Fishing Film Tour!

"The original and preeminent exhibition of fly fishing cinema, The F3T is a one of a kind experience. Each year fishy folk of all ages gather at premieres to soak up film from around the world, spin a few yarns amongst friends and dream about casts still unmade. If you've been, you know what we're talking about. If you haven't, we hope to see you soon!

In addition to showcasing world-class fly fishing films, The F3T is dedicated to supporting the local fly shops and conservation groups that form the backbone of our sport's educational and environmental efforts. Discount F3T tickets are available at more than 150 fly shops across the country. A portion of those ticket sales go directly to support fishing and habitat-related conservation groups. In 2013 we raised $250,000 for our conservation partners and have used our voice to bring greater attention and support to groups like Trout Unlimited, Wild Steelhead Coalition, Bonefish Tarpon Trust, Utah Stream Access Coalition and Stop Pebble Mine and many more." from Fly Fishing Film tour website


This year the Alaska Fly Fishers is one of the co-sponsors of the film tour. Showing at the Bear's Tooth Theater on Thursday, March 20, 5:30 and 8:30, look for tickets to go on sale at the Bear's Tooth or online starting March 4th at 10:30 am. 

fly fisher  


 from Rich Johnson

Fly Fishing Seminar

Even though the actual function is more than two months away, now is the time to start thinking about promoting this annual event.


The small poster and the pre-registration flyer are available online as a PDF that you can download and post anywhere you feel is appropriate. Simply go to www.akflyfishers.net and follow the links for the Seminar. The small poster is letter size and will print out in color.


The pre-registration form is in a 2-up format so you can share with a friend.






Volunteers Needed for the 2014 Spring Seminar


Monday, April 7th              7:45 to 8:30PM

KNOTS - The last half of the first session is a hands-on clinic on the knots used in a fly fishing system. The handbook shows a few of the most basic, from the backing to the fly. The club provides string, monofilament, and hooks; you simply demonstrate and teach the knots you use fishing.


Monday, April 14th           6:30 - 8:30PM

FLY TYING & Knots II - Demonstration and hands-on instruction for tying patterns that catch fish.  The seminar handbook shows and discusses 26 general fly patterns but we would like you to tie what you fish with. Fly tyers of all skill levels are requested. This is one of the most popular sessions. We'll also be following up with knots from the previous Monday


Monday, May 12th           6:30 - 8:30PM

FLY CASTING - Again, this is a session that can use all levels of proficiency. The people that attend the seminar need to know that fly casting is an ongoing learning process, and that you can be successful fishing without being a master caster. You will need to bring a balanced outfit including an old leader. The club will provide yarn to represent the fly.

Casting will be done outside, so plan on dressing warm.


Location: The first three evenings will be held at the BP Energy Center - Birch Room

The casting clinic on May 12th will be held at the main BP Bldg, Conference Room C.


Mark these dates on your calendar and plan on being at the Seminar to lend a helping hand to someone new to our sport.


The fly fishing seminar is a success due to individual club members giving of their time and energy. Seminar attendees tell us every year that it is the interaction with our regular members that they enjoy the most. Please plan on helping educate a new, budding fly fisher, and contribute back to your club.


If you're planning on being there to help, please contact Rich Johnson at 243-1093 wk/ 243-1043 evenings/ 440-1830 cell, or by Email purnellphoto@gci.net



 by Bill Hauser

Down to the Sea  
FISH TALK by Bill Hauser

Salmon smolt. What do you know about salmon smolts?

Let's begin with a brief overview of a generalized salmon life cycle starting with the egg. The egg is deposited during summer and incubated until mid-winter when the fish hatch and in spring, become free swimming fry. After some development and growth, they become juveniles called parr or fry until they become smolts that migrate to the ocean. In the ocean, they grow and mature until they migrate back to freshwater to spawn. This sounds easy enough but it is really not so simple.
To read the rest of Fish Talk,click here.
Do you have a question for FISH TALK? 
Contact Bill at karelbill@gci.net


Bill recently published Fishes of the Last Frontier, Life Histories, Biology, Ecology, and Management of Alaska Fishes and previously, Letters from Alaska, the Inside to the Outside


from Chad Gage

13 Master Streamer Monty Williams

Fly Tying Contest
In Memory of Monty Williams

Keep in mind entries for the fly tying competition are due by February 15th. You can give your submissions  to me at the monthly general meeting or at the tying clinic in February. There are some great prizes in this year's competition. All entrants must be a member of either the Alaska Fly Fishers or the Midnight Sun Fly Fishers. If you have any questions you can email me at swingingleeches@yahoo.com or call me 907-748-5920.

Please click here for the tying contest flyer.
Please click here for the tying contest rules. 
clip art fly  
Contact Chad Gage swingingleeches@yahoo.com 748-5920


Announcing Our New Facebook Page!
We are pleased to announce the creation of AFF's Facebook Page. The new page compliments the "group," so please visit the new page soon and be sure to LIKE and SHARE us!

Fly Lines and AKFlyFishers.net remain the primary sources for news and information about AFF, but the new Facebook page, which will be updated with content from the website and newsletter, will provide yet another avenue for those who wish to share experiences and ideas with others and stay connected to our events and meetings.



from Ben Rowell

AFF Hosts April Vokey
 - Register Now! 


April Vokey



After discovering a passion for fly fishing in her teens, April Vokey soon dedicated her life to the pursuit, eventually culminating in her founding Fly Gal Ventures in 2007 at age 24. She has established herself as a respected authority in the sport and has traveled the globe in pursuit of gamefish on a fly rod. 


Her writing has appeared in numerous industry leading publications including Fly Fisherman, Fly Rod & Reel, and Fly Fusion magazines. In July 2012, April became the first female fly angler to be featured in Outside magazine for their "XX-Factor" segment.


Also a popular TV personality, April has been featured on the Outdoor Channel's Buccaneers and Bones series and as a host on Fly Nation TV.
She is an FFF certified casting instructor, a fly-tying instructor, an active conservationist and a traveling speaker.
clip art fly  


from Chad Gage

Don't forget, AFF has 10 vises and tool kits available to our members for use to instruct youth.
Contact Chad Gage at swingingleeches@yahoo.com to schedule the use of the vises and to get a list of instructors.


from Chad Gage

The January tying clinic was a huge success with about 40 people in attendance throughout the day. I would like to give a huge thank you to Pudge Kleinkauf and Rich Johnson for their tying demonstrations, and to Mr. Dave Rooker, who was kept busy at the beginners' table.

peacock feather

Rich Johnson will be at the February tying clinic, tying and showing some of his favorite patterns for alevins, fry, and smolt. Featured flies will be: the Marabou Clouser Fry, Sili-Fry, UV Diamond Fry, (an oldie but goodie) - the Pearl Marabou Smolt, and the Tubular Smolt. 
Materials for the flies will be provided, however if you plan on tying, please bring gray and/or white 70 denier (6/0) thread, and an extra bobbin. 
Three of the patterns use a UV coating which Rich will have on hand. The Tubular Smolt is tube fly so you will need a tube vise to tie along. You can download tying instruction sheets (PDFs) for most of these patterns at 2GuysFlyFishing.net.

Whereas January's clinic focused on technique; February's clinic will be production. We'll want to burn through as many of these patterns as possible. Show up ready to tie. 

We hope to see you there.
Chad Gage
   fly fisher
from Jan Schnorr
PHW logo


Tying Clinics 

Tying Clinics for Project Healing Waters participants have resumed on Thursdays from at the Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC) on JBER.  Active injured military service members and disabled veterans receiving treatment at the VA Clinic are welcome to participate in the tying clinics.  Frank Stevens is coordinating these tying sessions.  Dave Rooker is also coordinating tying sessions on Wednesdays at the Fisher House for disabled veterans receiving treatment through JBER or the VA. For additional information contact Frank or Jan at PHWAlaska@gmail.com.  

PHW fish  
Rod Building  
The National Organization, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, has teamed with Hook and Hackle to sponsor rod building for participants.  All rod building kits are provided free of cost to participants.  Damond Blankenship is coordinating the rod building classes, which will start during the last week of January.
PHW fish  

This is a new year and you have an opportunity to help support the Project Healing Waters Anchorage program. A cash donation is always appreciated to help fund our upcoming fishing trips. Take a look at your tying supplies/materials and fishing gear and consider an in-kind donation.  
For more information on how to donate to PHW, please contact Jan at PHWAlaska@gmail.com for additional information.

PHW fish
Recognition of PHW Sponsors


Please take time to see the list of businesses and individuals who donated to PHW during 2013, and if possible thank them for supporting PHW Anchorage activities and events.  The list can be accessed here.   

PHW fish


And thank yourselves! PHW would not be possible without the support of the Alaska Fly Fishers


Thank you for your continued support.  

our members do amazing things!
Chad Gage's tying area
"Fly Tying Area Contest Results:
After much deliberation, we have decided that the winner of the fly tying area contest is CHAD GAGE ... a pure tying envy!"

Umpqua Feather Merchants


If you are interested in helping on any committee, please let any AFF board member know. Currently we are in need of volunteers for the Great Alaskan Sportsman Show, the Annual Fundraising Auction, the Spring Seminar, the Kenai River Cleanup, and more!  
Make a Difference
Get Connected


Let us know about any cool things our members do! 

"The only thing bad about winning the pennant is that you have to manage the All-Star Game the next year. I'd rather go fishing for three years." -Whitey Herzog

(wouldn't we all?)



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In this Issue: 

  • AFF to co-sponsor the Fly Fishing Film Tour
  • Fish Talk by Bill Hauser 
  • News From Project Healing Waters
  • More!

 Banner photo "Reeling Stoner" 

by  Gerry Balboni,

2011 Photo Contest

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AFF Happenings

February: 15th - Tying Clinic, all flies due for AFF Fly Tying Contest

March: 3rd - General Meeting, Millenium Hotel
            15th - Tying Clinic, WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery
            20th - Fly Fishing Film Tour, Bear's Tooth Theater
             27-30 - The Great Alaska Sportsman Show, Sullivan & Ben Boeke Arenas

April:   7th - Spring Seminar, 7:45-8:30, BP Energy Ctr. Birch Room
            11th - Fundraising Auction, Millenium Hotel
            14th - Spring Seminar, 6:30-8:30, BP Energy Ctr. Birch Room
            21st - Spring Seminar, 6:30-8:30, BP Energy Ctr. Birch Room
May:   5th - General Meeting, Millenium Hotel - Bob Rima, Drifters Lodge, World Fly Fishing Escapades
          12th - Spring Seminar, BP Energy Center, BP main building, Conference Room C
          17th - Tying Clinic, WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery

June:  2nd - General Meeting, Millenium Hotel - April Vokey
           21st - Tying Clinic, WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery

July:    7th - General Meeting, Millenium Hotel - Mark Huber, Time to go Spey Casting
           19th - Tying Clinic, WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery

August: 4th - Members' Picnic
            16th - Tying Clinic, WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery

September: 6th - Kenai River Cleanup
            20th - Tying Clinic, WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery

October: 6th - General Meeting, Millenium Hotel
            18th - Tying Clinic, WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery

November: 3rd - General & Annual Business Meeting, Millenium Hotel
            15th - Tying Clinic, WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery

December: 1st - General Meeting & Gift Exchange, Member Presentations, Millenium Hotel
             20th - Tying Clinic, WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery
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PHW Fundraiser
National Defense Service Fly

PHW Fund Raiser. 
National Defense Service medal ribbon flies are still available. If you are interested in a fly for yourself or a military friend, you can obtain them at one of the following shops who have graciously volunteered to include them in their inventory: Mossy's Fly Shop,  Mountain View Sports, and 3 Rivers Fly Shop.
The suggested donation 
amount is $10. 
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