September 28, 2017
Alberta Health Releases Amended Pool Standards
On August 24, 2017 the Alberta Health amended the  Pool Standards July 2014 ( ). Although the modification to the standards was minimal it is recommended that all Pool Owner's / Owners Agent's and Pool Operators be aware of the amendments. The most notable amendment was the extension for anti-entrapment compliance until November 30, 2019.

The Society has reviewed the amended Pool Standards and is pleased to inform you that it will have no effect to our Public Aquatic Facility Safety Standards or Safety and Supervision Template. The Anti-entrapment template was updated to reflect the changes in compliance requirements and new definitions were added. Lifesaving Society Standards and Templates are available for download from the website.

You can contact the Society anytime for support or clarification.

Below is a summarized list of the amendments identified:
  • General Amendments
    • Monitoring length of stay in steam and dry saunas - requirement for a clock has been removed
    • Clarified requirements for soap and temperature at showers - showers used strictly for cooling off do not require soap
    • Lower recirculation rates for older pools now allowed (constructed before November 30, 2006) - a lower rate may be allowed if water quality can be maintained
    • Turnover periods now apply to all connected basins and water slide receiving pools
    • Extended maximum filtration rate for high rate sand filters
    • Higher filtration rates for pools constructed prior to November 30, 2006 may be permitted
    • Expanded the range of total alkalinity 60-180 milligrams per litre
    • Records of pump maintenance are now required
  • Anti-entrapment
    • Replaced the word 'velocity' with 'flow rate'
    • Removal of the exception for pools built prior to 2006 with 2 outlets which allowed 50% of flow through each drain
    • Guidance added on how to measure the distance between suction outlets
    • Exemption of some suction outlets
    • Added a definition for "blockable suction outlets"
    • While immediate closure of a pool is required if a suction outlet cover is broken, missing, or if the entrapment system is not working properly an executive officer may all for an exemption for the pool to remain open until repairs or replacement of the cover can be conducted.
    • Covers on vacuum outlets are still required but they no longer need to be certified
    • Compliance with anti-entrapment requirements was extended to November 30, 2019
  • Contamination Response
    • Diarrhea contamination management for outdoor pools has been clarified
  • Safety and Supervision Plan and Public Education Plan
    • Facility safety and supervision plan must be based on current industry best practices
    • Reference to the location and use of signs, languages and pictures in a facility public education plan is no longer required
  • Secondary Disinfection
    • Definition of secondary disinfection added
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