August 29, 2017
Alberta and Northwest Territories Competition Manual - 2017 Edition
The Alberta and Northwest Territories Competition Manual- Rules Standards and Procedures for Alberta and Northwest Territories Sanctioned Competition, Championships and Games - 2017 Edition , First Printing is now available for affiliate clubs, coaches, officials and athletes.
The Alberta and Northwest Territories Competition Manual 2017 Edition, First Printing will be used for all sanctioned competition in Alberta and Northwest Territories effective immediately. 
The Alberta and Northwest Territories Competition Manual is the source for rules, standards and procedures that officials, coaches and athletes should reference unless otherwise indicated by the Provincial Sport Organization.
What's New / Changed
In addition to minor editorial changes, highlights of the revisions in this edition of the Alberta and Northwest Territories Competition Manual include:
  • Section 2
    • The age division established for Alberta and Northwest Territories sanctioned competitions provide athletes who are 14 years of age or older the opportunity to experience and participate in long course ILS events to prepare for eligibility to compete in National and International competition. (Section 2.1)
    • Fair-play code for lifesaving competitions (Section 2.3)
    • Parent Code of Conduct (Section 2.4)
    • Obstacle swim and obstacle relay events must use appropriate sized gates based on pool depth for safety. Separate records will not be maintained for 35 cm depth and 70 cm depth obstacles. (Section 2.12)
    • For individual events eligibility for records is determined by athlete age on the first day of competition. Competitors are only eligible for individual event records in their current age division. (Section 2.12)
    • For individual events eligibility for records requires using the event distance and equipment rules for the age division as per Section 3.2 of this manual. (Section 2.12)
    • For team events eligibility for records is determined by the age division of the oldest competitor of the team as determined by age on the first day of competition. (Section 2.12)
    • Alberta and Northwest Territories Record Approval Process (Section 2.12)
      • Current Alberta and Northwest Territories records should be updated in Hytek prior to each competition.
      • Once an event is scored results should be reviewed for potential records. If any potential records are identified print a Hytek Record Form Report for the potential record. The Record Report must be reviewed and signed by the Meet Manager and Referee. The signed Record Report will be attached to the final results.
      • Upon receipt of competition results the Lifesaving Society will review Record Reports and determine approval of pending records on the Lifesaving Society website.
    • General Conditions for Pool Competition (Section 2.14)
    • Body tape used for preventative, medical, therapeutic or kinesiology purposes is allowed at the discretion of the Chief Referee as long as it does not provide a competitive advantage. (Section 2.14)
    • Competitors and manikins are considered to be one unit and when either breaks the surface the competitor is deemed to have surfaced. (Section 2.16)
    • The purpose of a manikin handler is to hold the manikin until the competitor has completed the prior portions of the race. (Section 2.19)
    • Before the start and during the race, the manikin handler positions the manikin at its natural buoyancy position according to the event description - within the allotted lane. (Section 2.19)
  • Section 3
    • Level of manikin fill in Program of Events Tables (Section 3.2)
  • Section 4
    • Rescue Medley: (Section 4.4)
      • Event Description:  With a dive start on an acoustic signal, the competitor swims 75 m freestyle to turn, and swims underwater to a submerged manikin located at the 12.5 m distance.
      • Manikin Placement:  The manikin is located at a depth between 1.8 m and 3 m. The manikin is positioned on its back, head in the direction of the finish, with the transverse line in the middle of the manikin's thorax located 12.5 m from the finish wall.
    • Line Throw: (Section 4.8)
      • Event Description:  The victim treads water in the centre of the lane on the near side of the rigid crossbar. The victim holds (with one or two hands) both the throw line and the crossbar.
      • Event Description:  Victims may grasp the throw line with their hands only within their lane. The lane marker is not "within the lane". Victims may submerge to retrieve the throw line. Victims may not release the crossbar before grasping the throw line with the other hand.
      • Event Description:  As long as victims remain entirely within their designated lane and do not release their grasp on the crossbar, they may use their foot or other part of the body to maneuver the throw line within their lane to a position where they can grasp the line with their hand.
    • Manikin Relay: (Section 4.9)
      • All competitors must remain in the water in their lane until the referee signals the completion of the event.
  • Appendix A
    • All disqualification codes align with current ILS Competition Manual. 
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