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Aldrich and James join the Air Mobile Team and we all experience a Sea Change!
Sea Change is a literary term used by Shakespeare to describe undergoing a profound transformation. That is what happened to the Philippines when it was struck by Typhoon Haiyan in November of 2013. Lives were lost, families torn apart, and the landscape ravaged. In the midst of this suffering we walked and prayed and visited, offering cool, clean water to the thirsty.

On our third mission to this hurting area, we brought a song. Not just any song, but the anointed talent of Aldrich Talonding  and James Bucong, known around the world as Youtube Sensations. 

It all started with a Facebook post that left us moved to tears; their rendition of Rooftops (by Jesus Culture).

Months later, when we met Aldrich and James and their sisters Sharla and Cherish on Leyte, one of the hardest hit islands in the Philippines, to spend a day together bringing hope and help to storm victims, our lives also underwent a Sea Change, a profound transformation leaving us amazed at the goodness of God and His amazing gifts to His children.
The following video, which resulted from our alliance, was made to remind the world that the Philippines still has critical water needs as well as to show the outpouring of love we enjoyed throughout this experience.

Aldrich and James help save Lives with Air Mobile Ministries
Sea Change
Air Mobile Responds to the Tempest

A peek at some memories of a great day of ministry and friendship...

Dinner together after fetching Aldrich, James, Sharla and Cherish from the Port of Ormoc.
Aldrich and James perform Dance with my Father for abused teens.
Aldrich and James perform Dance with my Father at a home for abused teens.
Aldrich and James sing at HS
Aldrich and James sang at three different locations in one day!
Presenting an Air Mobile Rescuer to Program Director.
Great Fellowship at Sal's restaurant mid- way through our day.
We are currently planning to return to the Philippines to bring in more Rescuers and to check on the machines that are in place already.

Please make a donation to cover the cost of this mission and for Rescuer Water Purifiers which are so urgently needed by the communities destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan.

5-18-13 Rescuer

Finding clean water is still the most urgent need.


Your  gift is a wonderful way to show the love of Jesus.
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