The summer season usually means more traveling. Whether it's for business or a destination wedding, you may need to bring a suit with you, so below we guide you through how to pack it. 

Also, keep scrolling to see our shirts on the presidential campaign trail and which killer whiskey is featured in our showroom this month. 
How to Pack a Suit

If you are traveling and not carrying a garment bag, there is a proper way to fold a suit into your luggage.

Following these steps will keep the wrinkles to a minimum until you get to your next destination:

  1. Hold your pants upside down from the bottom hem. 
  2. Lay the pants down on a surface along their natural creases and fold in half. 
  3. Fold in half again. 
  4. Hold the jacket up with your hands inside the shoulders and the liner facing you. 
  5. Fold the jacket in half, shoulder to shoulder. 
  6. Turn one shoulder inside out over the other. (with liner facing outward)
  7. Lay the jacket down on a surface and fold the pants inside the jacket.

Did you know we offer custom suits and tuxedos? Visit the showroom to get fitted.

It's Linen Season!
It's time to get a new linen shirt for the summer. Linen is breathable, absorbent, and a great casual option for the hot weather and weekends. Click on your favorite and order today.

Alexander West in Action
The Trump brothers, Eric and Donald Jr., are fans of our high-quality custom shirts and have been AW clients for a long time. The two were seen wearing AW at a recent interview with Barbara Walters. 

NEW - Shirt Recycle and Earn AW Credit

We announced our new shirt recycling program last month. Bring in your used AW shirts for a $25 credit towards a new order. The condition does not matter - they can have rips, stains, etc. Depend ing on condition, we will give the shirts to charity or recycle the custom mother-of-pear l buttons. 

Our buttons are made from inner layer or pearl oysters (called nacre). These buttons don't degrade or break like plastic buttons.

What will you get with your credit? Start designing your new shirt now.

May Tasting
As a beautifully balanced single pot still Irish whiskey, Redbreast 12 is considered to be one of the best. 

The texture is elegant and silky, while the nose is nutty and rich. There are notes of dried peels and spice followed by notes of nuts and citrus. The finish is long and creamy with custard and spice.

It was named "Overall Irish Whiskey of the Year" at the 2013 Irish Whiskey Awards, and now we know why. 

Alexander West

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